...and now for the hard part

I’m going to be graduation from college on Saturday with a B.S. in Business Administration and a Specialization in MIS (Management Information Systems). Considering I completely embarresed myself at my high school graduation, I a little nervous right now. It doesn’t help that I just got my loan packet showing how many thousands of dollar I owe. Would anybody else like to share any graduation experiences?

I’m still trying to avoid mine. it’s in like a month, yet I don’t know anything about it, like dress rehearsal and stuff and I’m not going to ask. I’ll be damned if I go back to that prison, arrr! Just what I want to do, watch several hundred students walk across the stage with huge smiles plastered on their faces. My mom wants me to go, but she hasn’t brought it up in awhile, so I’m hoping she forgets until like, August when it’s too late.

Although it’s totally hypocritical of me to say, cheer up, it’s only one day of torture. Just think of what you can do afterwards :slight_smile:

Eh… meh.
My graduation is a week from tomorrow. practice is on this wednesday. I’m so not enjoying this.
I just wanna fucking leave.

I graduated from University College Cork on Wednesday.
Pretty damn good for a person who’s still in High-School, if I do say so myself.

God, you people are such angsty bitches sometimes. Realize that there are other people becides the students that graduation is far more important to, suck it up, and do it. It’s like 4 hours out of your life. You’ve already dealt with 4 years, you can handle it.

It’s nothing like that. I’m not showing up for 4 hours just to suck student council ass and make them happy. I personally couldn’t give a shit. How assholish some people can be, hurling the angsty comments.

I wore my hat instead of the graduation cap and attatched the tassle to the little pocket.

Rehearsal? Practice? You guys must have pretty special graduation ceremonies. All we did was meet at the school an hour before the ceremony, then go on stage as our names were announced and take the diploma, shaking the principal’s hand. 8)

My class had ~650 in it, so practice was kind of importent…

We finished in three hours :slight_smile:

We don’t have graduations in Norway.
We get the papers by mail. There are some schools, of course, who’re fancy about it and invite students and parents to a small and wholly uneventful cermon in the evening on some random weekday, two-three days before the schools closes for the summer, but they’re the exception, not the rule. Boring aren’t we?

I had my rehersal this afternoon. We have 430+ graduates at my “small” private college. My bad luck strikes again as I somehow manage having to be a line leader for some 75+ people.

There was a big party tonight with rewards. Bah, rewards they call them. They’re all self nominated awards so its just like a high school popularity contest all over again so I’m not going.

I just hope I don’t become a nervous wreck and loose the small sense of direction I have to find my seat after crossing the stage. I messed up and embarresed the hell out of myself at my high school graduation.

In Canada we put all our papers in a curling stones and have a massive tournament. Whichever teams that make it into the semi-finals get a seal skin, and the winner gets an electric heater. Afterwards we play hockey for a few hours and then wind down with a cup of ice cappuccino in the local igloo-theme café

At least that’s what my school does

My school has their graduation in a local fucking church. -_-’

Maybe I was refering to people like, I dunno, parents of students.

Hey buddy, we have the same major!

In Argentina, they call all the students, give us a paper that says we passed, say “Congratulations” and then kick us out of there. I’m gonna love it.

i have another year then college lucky.

Haha stop being silly Cless, Canada doesn’t have electricity.

In communist Russia, graduations hold you.
Just kidding. :slight_smile:

My two best friends are the valedictorian and saludatorian, niether are very good at speeches.

At all

This is gonna be fun.