And now for something completely different.

Don’t click on this if… Just don’t click on it.

I predict they’ll throw zeppelin to the lions next. Seriously though, with this sort of desensitization, what’s next? Execute political prisoners by lion? Is China the new Rome? Will they have gladiators? When can we see Russell Crowe?

Does wanting to blow this place up make me a terrorist?

You know I wouldn’t have had to click on that link if you hadn’t brought it up to begin with.

Also, I’m getting sick and tired of seeing the phrase “And now for something completely different.” used as a thread title. It’s just sooo unimaginative (nor is it all that different from the last 5 times this particular phrase was used either).

I think it is pretty cool, I hope they upgrade to humans or something more formidable.

Ah, America, where we kill and eat animals, and make it okay by keeping the violence out of the public eye. Our zoos feed goats to lions, but since only employees see it, that fixes any moral problems. America, where the Discovery Channel shows animals being chased and eaten in the wild and viewers savor the thrills, but we condemn Chinese people for feeding lions the meat they need in person. America, where people worry themselves sick about the desensitized Chinese, who feed carnivores with herbivores, while Americans are busy munching recently-living cheeseburgers and slaughtering lifelike innocents in Grand Theft Auto – occasionally pausing to castigate the Chinese for banning violent and pornographic material that might desensitize audiences.

America’s missile strikes foreseeably kill thousands of innocents, whose long suffering will never be seen or known, but we quaver at executing an unrepentant double murderer by instant firing squad, because we know him by image and name.

Truly, we are a more civilized and progressive nation, because we neither confront nor accept the harms we inflict, but like ostriches hide our heads in the sand, thinking, “If we don’t see the harms our lifestyles and choices inflict, those harms must not exist.”

Do ostriches really bury their heads in sand? If so, why do they do it?

Cultural imperialism.

xwing you’re so romantic~

Of course innocents here means innocent bits and not innocent people. What about all these cats that labor in slavery for MS Office users (if they still have these)?

Thanks for the list of places I should definitely visit in the near future! I sense an AWESOME thread coming to a rpgc forum near you

Kasey, you are not going to China.


The cruelty of our food production industry is just that; it’s an industry, run by multi-national corporations, who care only about maximizing shareholder value. Since it’s only interested in money, it will make non-nonsensical decisions like feeding cows antibiotics (aren’t bacteria an enormous part of their digestive processes?), which they do because of other decisions (give cows antibiotics because without them they’d die of infection, because they live in cramped pens, because its cheaper to feed them corn than let them graze).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel any urge not to eat a cow. I have seen a grown man stick a sort of giant turkey baster up a cow’s vagina to artificially impregnate her. I never want to see that again. I hunt deer, and, on occasion, hit them with my car. But the way we raise and harvest our food is just stupid.

Businesses will do whatever makes them money, and the only reason this system is profitable is because we can transport beef and other raw materials on the cheap. What makes transportation so cheap? Oil.

And here comes the part I like best. Peak Oil. Once all the oil is gone, everything reverts to the way it was before oil. Granted, we could still use coal-powered rails and electric cars (which are more efficient and less polluting, even when using coal generated electricity, than hydrogen fuel cells or ethanol) to do quite a lot of transportation, but once oil is gone, so is the oil culture of domination, corruption, and exploitation. At least until some other culture takes its place.

As for the upcoming China-USA culture wars: the USA is a nation of liars, thieves, and whores, but our lack on consensus on, well, anything, redeems us of that. For every person who complains about China’s censorship, there are ten people who don’t really give a fuck. All this political correctness/USA-as-world’s-policeman/USA-as-world’s-nanny shit comes from our leaders, and from the people who have appointed themselves our leaders. Washington DC will not pay attention to what normal people think - unless reelection is at stake - until finance no longer dominates our economy.

One other thing: why do liberals get pissy about what other people do that conflicts with their beliefs when the same thing is what causes christfags to hate gays and lesbians?

It’s like liberals and conservatives woke up in an unfamiliar environment and made up a bunch of rules - based on their experiences with that environment - about how to deal with their environment, and they enforce these rules as rigorously as Puritans burned witches. Both groups treat deviations from their respective norms like Old Testament prophets confronted by strange, comely women, with angry speeches, frosty looks, and the a posture that suggests they grew a now femur in their assholes.

They can’t adapt their beliefs to the reality of their environment.

I have no emotional stake in my beliefs; I just make them up as I go along. If an idea works, there is no reason not to steal it.

I should make a nod towards the on-topicness before I click Submit Reply.

Yes, the USA’s policy of bombing the crap out of brown people who already live a stone age existence is needlessly wasteful and ineffective, but unless you do something about it, there’s no point in complaining. Now, you could reply along the lines of, “lol, propaganda”, but I would love it if you could either help me figure out a way to do something about it that works, or provide a rational reason that I’m full of shit.

When you think about what you have done here, your post isn’t completely different from the others on this board.

If finance (do you mean currency?) doesn’t dominate the economy, what will?

What can you do when a large majority either supports American imperialism or is indifferent? [strike]Complain?[/strike] Protest? Make movies about it with Michael Moore? Move to China with Zepp? Or enlist so you can do your time in North Korea and Iran and then come home and make 100k/yr tax free from the military for doing nothing?

Given the op was about animal cruelty in China, I don’t think that is going to happen.

Also I work in finance so I guess that’s strike two.

Unless you come home wrapped in a flag or with a serious injury that forces you to deal with VA.

Yes. I get where its from. But at this point its like making a Chuck Norris joke.

Unless you’re humorous or clever about it the joke won’t be that funny at all.