And I don't CARE...

…if this has been posted before or not, it’s friggin awesome! XD

I must’ve played it at least 10 times just to get all possibilities/ minimovies, heh :stuck_out_tongue:

It keeps crashing. Bah!

Ha, Awesome. I got 60. :slight_smile:

I got 60 too!
Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia we love you, Amen.

DT, you rock the most awesomest of the non Aussies! Keep up the awesomeness!

Si, oui, да

Link doesn’t work for me. =(

Heh…that was fun.

On my first try, 70.

That link doesn’t like me for some reason.

I got 60.

I need a life… 90

That was strange.

Well, the link works now, but the game crashes on the first question.

Got a 90, that was sweet :smiley:

That’s awesome. He does a great Space Invaders. I’m averaging 90.

I need a life as well. Got 100 on my first try <_<;
And thank you, Shalcy. -blows kiss-

80 on first try.

Ignoring all our scores for a second, I’d like to point out that I idolized that guy when I was a little kid. I still do even to this day. I wish I could do that.

9 right…

And there are 7 Police Academy movies? Man, that’s ridiculous.

Yeah. And like 4 of them are in imdb’s top 100 worst movies list.

Anyways, I got an 8.

I got an 80 on my first try as well.