...and doritos shall rain from the heavens...

I think they forgot to mention this particular sign of the apocalypse.

They’re still better than ketchup flavored chips.

(…)the chips, which were apparently still fresh(…)

I’ve just pictured the reporter who wrote this grabbing some bags for herself and checking their freshness.

I’m a litle disappointed, why couldn’t it be big bags of dope.

If it was they’d be doing a story on a cargo container that mysteriously disappeared.

It’s funny I just finished eating a bag of doritos when I start reading this.

Containers can float? Considering the size and weight, I always thought they go down like lead.

I once <strike>looted</strike> helped clean up a Pringles cargo that fell from a truck. I took like fifteen Sour Cream and Onion tubes. That was awesome.

Still fresh, heh. I like that kind of advertisment.

They’re full of air inside. It could also have just dropped to seabed anyway and then pushed towards the shore by the currents.