And another one bites the dust...

Earlier this morning, my great-grandmother( on my mother’s side ) Espérance (which means Hope in english) passed away at 103 years of age. We were expecting it for quite some time, but it is certainly saddening to see her go.

May she rest in peace. Minute of Silence

bows head May she rest in peace.

I feel for you. RIP, Espérance, RIP…

Since all my loved ones died from unnatural causes, the culmination of the cycle of life seems like a beautiful thing to me. I hope she had a good life, may she rest in peace.

Shes in a better place… I want to live to be 103 thats along time.

Holy shit, I had a great grandmother that was 103 too, no joke. She aged with the years, so she died at 103 in 2003. But uh yeah, minute of silence.

Rest in Peace

May the Gods bless her in the afterlife.

May the afterlife be kind.

Thanks for the condolences, everyone. They’re always appreciated. So my weekend will be spent at the funeral house with family. She will be missed as she always had encouraging words when I visited her.

Heh, I don’t like how people get so sad at funerals, I heard somewhere “Funerals aren’t about mourning death, they are about celebrating life”. That’s what I think anyways. I hope she had a kickass time.

She is with God, bathed in eternal love. No worries.

You should tell them off for being so inconsiderate.

Sorry to hear that, DG. My condolences.


Huh ? What’s that supposed to mean ? Doesn’t look like it fits in here…

He was laughing at CH being a dick in the thread. Anyways, sorry about him and your great-grandma.

RIP - I remember when my grandfather died. I was unable to cry for him. I loved him quite possibly more than any other relitave outside of my mother and father and yet I was stone faced.

It wasnt untill a year later that I truly understood how much I missed him and I had a big break down. That was about 5 years ago though. Loosing loved ones is painfull. You have my sympathy and encouragement.

bows head I hope she lived a long and fulfilling life, DG. She’s happy in the afterlife now, I’m sure.

RIP Nod Nod