And another legend bites the dust...

Richard Pryor dead at 65.

Rest in peace. ;_;

I’m sure the media actually checked to make sure <i>this time</i> <<!---->_<<!---->



Richard was the best.

It was really a shame that MS crippled him so much, because you knew his brain was as quick and sharp as ever, but like, his body just couldn’t keep up with it. Which cheated him out of years of performing new material, and us out of seeing/hearing it.

Every time I’ve seen old footage of him though, it’s hilarious stuff. And you can see so clearly where so many people have derived their acts and their material from. So many people imitate/emulate Richard it’s not even funny. And so often, neither are they. But Richard Pryor was damn funny.

It’s really sad. He was a milestone in comedy.


What a loss… that guy was one of the best.

He was a damn good comedian.

Probably one of the funniest black people ever. And there’s a lot to choose from. This is a true loss :frowning:

I thought he was already dead :o

There were plenty of rumors abound that supported that. I’m going to watch the news today, and see if they actually say anything about now that he really has passed away.