And after tatoos, piercings and burnings...

…The new rage is scarring yourself.

Now I’m thinking about scarring something somewhere in my body. Maybe something like “42!” on the back of my neck or the eight words of the Octave (from Discworld) on my arms.

Or not.

New? I wouldn’t exactly call this idea new, heh. I think the worst kinds are skin removal (definition of the site: Skin Removal: Skin removal branding is one of the most intense kinds of scarification – the design is cut out and the entire piece of skin is torn off. The eventual healed result is usually a slightly recesses scar.)
And stapling, body suspensions and implants (as in, metal ring implants on your hand or something).
Flesh stapling in particular because it leaves scars, doesn’t last for longer than 2 weeks, looks ugly and the staples are originally meant for closing wounds after surgery (cuts) temporary, so yeah.

EDIT: <a href=“”> omfg PIX</a>

Scarring has been around for a very very long time, longer then tatooing.

Uhm, Scarring, branding, tatooing and stuff has been around for centuries already anyway (Maya, ancient egypt, indians, afrika, whatever), but as a fashion thing, officially in studios? I thought tattoo studios were first there.

All things old are new again.

Is this just the same thing as branding?
I know that branding has been around for years now!


Ehh…I think I’ll just stick to ear piercing. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to being flayed alive. >.>

Ear piercing may affect ennergy channels used in Reiki/Chien Chi Kua and Acupunture. It may be just as bad as scarring. Specially because in the ear you have points for all your organs.

Scarring is pretty… but count me out :frowning:

See, when people say scarring, they bring to the mind images of regular, non-artistic things. These are quite interesting, some look quite good.
namely <a href=“”>this</a> and <a href=“”>this</a>

What’s new about that?
I’ll stick to tattoos.

I’ve had my ears pierced since I was a baby, so I’m screwed anyways. :smiley:

Same here

Damn it looks ugly, i’m not for massive amounts of huge tattoos or piercings and whatever. Sure some tattoos are pretty good art but i just don’t like seeing them all over someone’s body.

pssh. I can easily scar myself.


Am I the only person who HATES all that crap? I HATE tattoos, I HATE body piercings, I HATE intentional scarring, I just hate it all.

I guess I see the human body as a beautiful thing as it is, and I wonder why people have to ruin it by mutilating it. =P I mean, of course, people are free to do stuff to their body if they want, and I respect that, but that doesn’t mean that I like or condone it. =P

I don’t like that stuff one bit either. It’s just gross.

Thank god I’m not alone in that matter. It really puts me off.

man, fuck you guys. Piercings are hot :stuck_out_tongue:
Scarring isn’t awesome, it’s more of a “cool… you can stand doing that to yourself? go for it. looks sweet.”
Tattoos can be good if they’re not random bullshit and actually look good. I’d rather have a very intricate tattoo than have regular old skin. A lot of care has to go into a tattoo for it to keep in shape.

If I wanted scars, I’d grab a knife and get them myself. As for tattoos… no way I’d get into that. First of all, just imagine the trouble to get rid of one. Besides, many of them are just distasteful.

You can easily get rid of it with a laser, and as for scars, the way people do it in this site is less prone to get you an infection or a big wound.