is the coolest shit ever. I’ve been reading a lot about it lately and I’m pretty sure I’m an actual, legit anarchist.

So uh… WERD my black blocin’ brothas.

Aren’t you a little old to be going through the “I’m an Anarchist!” phase?

How much state would a Hades hate if Hades hated the state?

Anarcho-capitalism, panarchism, social anarchism or anarcho-syndicalism?

lol someone been readin’ too many wikipedia articles lately

edit: hades you can be the founder of anarcho-rpgclassicism

edit 2:


Schools of thought
Buddhist · Christian · Collectivist
Communist · Egoist · Feminist
Green · Individualist · Infoanarchism
Insurrectionary · Leftist · Mutualist
Nihilist · Pacifist · Philosophical
Platformist · Post-anarchist
Post-colonial · Post-left · Primitivist · Social
Syndicalist · Vegan
Without adjectives (lol) · Zen

I am a feminist green vegan christian buddhist platformist mutualist zen anarchist what about u guyz

I think Hades is a without adjectives anarchist

If Darth Vader learns hears of it, he’s going to blow you out of your puny X-Wing. Friendly word of advice.

Fuck Vader!

I am a feminist green vegan christian buddhist platformist mutualist zen anarchist what about u guyz
OMG ME TOO!!! Except feminist. Puh-lease.

Zen anarchism ftw.

Q: What stake is there in the state being an apparatus of oppression and murder, and can humanity extricate itself from its internal tyrannies?

A: Let’s put shoes (with anarchy-As on them?) on our heads yay!

I once knew anarchy…

…Never again

You spend way too much time on funnyjunk, Zepp, and not enough vandalizing Shell stations.

If vandalizing Shell stations is all it takes to be an anarchist, the drunk assholes coming home from the club at the end of my street are fucking Bakunin.

Except they’re automatically not because they frequent clubs :stuck_out_tongue:

Anarchy was so 1990s. Get with the program. Homo-erotic-screamo-emo-with-x-on-hand-and-twig-legs is now. At least that’s what the mall feels like.

I’m really curious and actually want to know what made you decide that this was the philosophy that most closely fits your own world view, Hades. Not even to argue, just to find out what you think.

It’s not like there’s one part of it that I like more than the rest. The kind of lifestyle sought after by anarchists is just wholesale better than the kind of life most people are being forced to live now, and way more sustainable to boot. Right now I live in a society I just have no interest in participating in, not because I’m antisocial, but because it’s just shit. It hasn’t escaped my notice that I might just be a huge geek who wishes his life was more RPG-like though.

You are not an anarchist.

Also, I don’t think Jettatura knows what screamo is/has ever listenened to screamo band. Orchid is more legitimately anarchist than Crass or the like ever was. Writing songs about not signing to EMI and then signing to EMI? Fucking lame. Writing songs about Michel Foucault and telling even independent labels they could fuck themselves? Fucking anarkvlt.

Oh right, I forgot all about how frequenting clubs is totally sticking it to the man. I guess they’re the Anarchists and not me!

I think the point is that anarchy has nothing to do with going to clubs or NOT going to clubs. Anarchy doesn’t have to do with what clothes you wear, or blowing shit up. Getting liberty spikes and pissing on a Wal Mart isn’t anarchy, it’s just stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to clubs is submitting yourself to the kind of mindless obedience anarchy wants to destroy. In the huge majority of cases, people go there because they’re oppressed into going there by a variety of factors, not because they’re stupid enough to believe it’s worth being there if they have other options. Anarchy (or at least most anarchISTS) is about more than just getting rid of the physical government. It’s about creating a spiritually free environment to live in so that people can be as happy and fulfilled as they feel like they deserve to be. There are more anti-government fronts to fight on than just the ones lined up against riot police, and although I’d agree that pissing on a Wal Mart is idiocy, imo liberty spikes are a pretty good way of saying “Fuck You” you to established culturally oppressive standards. Not that I’d ever consider getting them, fuck that :stuck_out_tongue:

Straight from wiki:

It seeks to diminish or even abolish authority in the conduct of human relations.
Not that wiki is the bottom line on what every anarchist ever believes, but that line describes the spirit of it that resonates with me, personally. And I feel like going to (typical) clubs is something that betrays that.

There are also other things to consider, like the fact that alcohol and property taxes provide government income and that clubs are engineered specifically to sell alcohol, which opposes mindful living in so many ways it’s not even funny.

Of course, if you go into a club with the intent of riding up a $500 tab and then dashing… that’s something else.

I blew my nose and the snot was pure white, THAS FUCKEN ANAWKY!