An un-noted external crossover

Okay heres the story of how I found this one… playing Yu Gi Oh: Forbidden Memories at my friends earlier, and well each card has a type (warrior, magician, etc.). In the game every type has a symbol to represent it and I was playing some kinda spellcaster and I noticed its symbol was Black Mage! He was the wrong colours and all but it was him alright. I’m looking for a picture now, but if anyone has the game check it out and back me up.

EDIT: Alright got an image, just look next to the Genin.

Interesting. It makes me wonder if there may be more of these…

Cool, thanks for the tip. :sunglasses: I’ll try to post it in the next update.

I never expected to see something like that, in a game like YuGi Oh. Amazing the sort of these you can fgind if you just pay attention.

That’s pretty cool. 8)

There’s also a hard to notice Black Mage in Final Fantasy 8. Check the Card Game Tutorial first page. If you look really closely at the first picture, you’ll see a Black Mage in there. His name is Orlan, the inventor of Triple Triad.

Send me an e-mail about that so I’ll remember to check it out. :sunglasses:

Ever watch the show when the virtual game storyline is on? Basically a FF spoof… they’re at a town, complaining about unhelpful NPCs, then finally find the one old dude who can help them get across the desert. He’s all “Find the Newatori [sp?] card!” and they beat the colosseum and get it. They summon the monster, then ride their new 6-foot chicken-things across the desert. Then fulfill the prophesy and SAVE THE KINGDOM! =P

Um…what show?

Yugioh =]

Cid, you didn’t know there was a Yu-Gi-Oh show? It’s actually not too bad, except they cut so many vital rules from the game. Not like I play the game or anything… nervous laughter

The show isn’t too bad, I agree. I just wish the stupid U.S. goverment would censor it too much. I can tell that they tuned it down a lot and sometimes the characters just keep repeating the same thing for five minutes of the show. Japanese cartoons are normally more vulgar anyway. I’m not afraid to say that I actually like the card game as well as the dice one. I only play the video games though so I don’t have to keep track of all the rules myself. That, and I don’t have many people to play with.

Although I don’t remember them riding any chocobo type birds anywhere.

I found a pic .

I’ve seen a few episodes of the show, and I have to say I kinda like it. Especially since in the battles in that show, I get to see some interesting adapting and interpretations to use to people’s advantages.