An open letter to Uriel

Dear Sir,

Can you please change your fucking avatar before I gouge my eyes out with a pen and castrate myself with a hot spoon?


Guess what? You can’t draw. Sorry. You probably have another talent- go find that one. -_-

What has your penis got to do with your vision? Oh and BTW, how many signatures does that petition have now?

Edit: Nevermind -

I think you’re being a tad harsh, if you mean the :confused: looking guy that Uriel uses. It’s kinda quirky in its own way.

<img src = “”> Your friend!

WTF! its an open letter!!@1

The isn’t my friend. It’s a lazy slob that raided my fridge and skanked up my couch. It was hell getting it to leave.

Don’t mince words- it sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow, I don’t think that this’ll work…

If you got a problem with someone, tell him instead of making a thread about it, open letters are rarely source of good tidings.