An Open letter to Spoony Re: One of the first comics

Call me crazy, but 1 Valkyrie/Golem/Bear + 1 Mercenary (plus a spirit and vine if Druid) usually is enough for me; anything more and brain starts frying what with all the Skeletons and revived monsters I gotta micromanage.

heh, I guess I’m better than you attention-wise, then. I can focus on up to ten other characters besides my own.

A Golem and 20 Revives owns, with Iron Maiden ^^

I havn’t played Necros a lot, but I’ve heard that Barbs tend to like it when you use Lifetap. :wink:

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Replace the Druid with a Static Field Sorceress =P

w00t! There’s my cue! :slight_smile: