An old warcraft story

I made this a few months ago for a forum I used to be a member of. I ment it to be a series, but lost interest after this one was finished. The main character is Jaina’s daughter, and it takes place about 20 years after the Frozen Throne.

A sudden jolt awakened the young Alexandria Proudmoore. Yawning, she glanced out of the carriage’s window. They were in a forest. It was not dense like the forests of Ashenvale, or dry like the barrens of Kalimdor. If anything, it reminder her of the forests she grew up in, around the new capital of the Alliance, Vilengaurde, which was hidden from the horde of Undead that now ran rampant across the fields of Azeroth.
“Finally awake milady?” asked the Captain that had been escorting her back to Vilengaurde. He was in his mid-thirties, and was tall. He had a friendly aura about him, but was obviously battle-worn. “You’ve been asleep for the past four hours. You must be tired from your tutoring with the Night Elves.”
“Oh…yes, it was very tiring. Where are we Captain Winters?” Alexandria asked politely.
“Near the mining village of Ether. We will rest there for the night, then return to the castle tomorrow morning,” Winters replied, also looking out the window.
The caravan had reached the village just before night fall. There were a total of about ten soldiers, including Captain Winters, and Alexandria. They stayed at the local inn of the town, and Winters had placed two guards at the door, and a patrol to guard the village.
“You should sleep. We have to leave early tomorrow,” Winters said, as he set the fire. Fall was ending, so now firewood had been left in all of the rooms. “If you are worried about those undead bastards, I assure you that you are well protected.”
“I’m not worried about my safety, sir. I can’t help but think I could’ve helped save my mother.” Alexandria replied after a short silence.
Winters let out a long sigh, then knelt beside her. “Jaina Proudmoore was the mosy gifted Sorceress I have ever seen. That bitch Arthas knew that she was the only person who could threaten his reign of power, and he killed her himself. There was nothing you or I could’ve done. What Arthas doesn’t know is that you exist, and that if we ever do fight the Undead again, Jaina’s daughter could be the downfall of him.”
These words helped relax Alexandria. She soon fell asleep. Winters also had left to his room.
There was a stirring outside of the village. The shadowy figures of close to nine Undead ghouls appeared out of the darkness of the trees. They ambushed the patrol footmen, killing them. However, their cries had awaken the villagers.
“The Undead! The Undead are here!!! Run for your lives!” many shouted.
These cries awoke both Capt. Winters and Alexandria. They ran out side to see the two guards fighting the ghouls, with two of the ghouls slain. Winters dived into the middle of the melee, and gave a powerful slash into the ghouls, killing the two that threatened the guards. Alexandria fired a shot of magic into the ghoul closest to her, and the last she saw of it was flying into the forest. A ghoul leaped at Alexandria from behind.
“Milady, watch out!” Winters shouted. He pushed her away, and then brought his sword down through the ghoul. Immediately, the surviving ghouls retreated back into the forest.
“We have to go now. This village is not safe,” Winters told Alexandria in a stern voice. “Prepare the caravan!”

Arthas never killed Jaina. She was still alive at the end of the Frozen Throne Ork bonus campaign. Which was at the same time Arthas was fusing with the Lich king, or atleast roughly.

I said it happens 20 years after The Frozen Throne. Thats a lot of time for things to happen.

Well, that was short, horribly written and utterly pointless.

To be more specific, there’s no real plot, and your choice of language leaves much to be desired as to what a character is saying or means. It’s breverity and lack of any real direction gives it a sort of “I want my 5 minutes back” kind of feeling.

Thank you sorc. I admit, this is not one of my best works. Indeed, it suck.


I wouldn’t say it was utterly pointless. There’s definitely something there, and as you said it was old you didn’t have the same skill that you have now. There’s a lot to build on there.