An island adventure.

I’ve heard that some Asian languages use the same word for blue and green.

Actually, they can’t. But cranberries can. (I’ve learned THAT one the hard way. I used to drink a lot of cran-raspberry juice.)

They realize that ‘Colour’ is a ‘Secondary Quality’ and give up.
If you don’t know what a ‘Secondary Quality’ is; go read up on John Locke!

Jing likes this thread. Good point and turned very funny. And I think I only have one post left to 1000 now. Wooyay!

Also, note the use of semi-colons here and there, ye of little faith.

mmmm John Locke; I haven’t tasted the flavor of naming an almost-hero like that in quite a while.

I suppose he was right about the pursuit of property being both inherently tied to human nature and a basic freedim, but unfortunately, too many folks use his concept of the right to claim that which is ours to claim wealth, which by the way isn’t even on par with a secondary quality. Wealth is tertiary to the qualities of the actual money.

Oh why did you create such a libertarian base for the sheep? Did you not see that the people you sought so hard to give choice were incapable of responsibly making that choice?

Anyway. Go John Locke! Bullox to the idiots who try to prove him wrong by being stupid and irresponsible!

Blue? Green? How strange.

And the only true way for the to work this out, would to be have an all out war, between the two villages.

Yeah, but the thing about all out war is that it’s bloody. I dunno, I think they should just buy some seeds off E-Bay…

around here grass is yellow…

You mean grass is really green? May be time to water…