An island adventure.

Somewhere in the ocean lies a small island populated by two small villages of peaceful locals. This is a strange island, and while providing all the needs of the two villages, the ground is nothing but dirt and sand, there is no grass to be found on the entire island. One day, a ship sailing past noticed the small island was not located on any map they had, so they decided to chart it out. As they sailed closer to the island, they noticed the two villages, and the Captian decided to visit the North most village while he sent his First Mate to the South most village.

Upon arrival, the Captian was astonished to find that not only did the locals speak a reconizable dialect of English, but that there was no grass on the entire island.

“So there’s no grass on this island, eh?” The Captian enquired.
“Grass?” The northern village’s chief responded, perplexed.
“Yes, grass, a small green plant, grows out of the ground, looks like a blade.”
“No, guess not, very strange.”

The First Mate, on the other hand, was feeling childish, and when he had the same conversation with the Chief of the Southern village, he told them that grass was blue in color, rather then green.

The two men then left the villages alone, and decided not to map the island as there seemed to be nothing of use or value there, and continued on their way.

Later, when the two Village Chiefs had their weekly meeting, they discussed the strange visitors and their stories, and when the topic of the strange blade like plants that grew out of the ground came up, they got into a huge arguement as of what color this “grass” actually was.

Now, considering that neither Chief has the ability to leave the island and see grass in their life time, how would they go about convincing the other which was the correct color?

The correct anwer is that they can’t. They have no basis of fact to back up their opinion or their belief of the color of grass.

Think about that.

I take it this is a metaphore for religion, and religous conflict?

Obviously they build a rocket which can carry them to some other place where grass exists, like Nebraska or something.

Real men would have settled this with an officially sanctioned <a href=“”>Rock Paper Scissors Tournament</a>

I think you’re missing my point. Which is that 984 is actually a man.

Oh shit! The jig is up!

984 is a security risk and a traitor. I demand he be detained.

Yes, grass, a small green <b>plant</b>, <b>grows out of the ground</b>, looks like a blade.
So, there <i>are</i> plants on the island besides grass; and the islanders have <i>all</i> been told that grass is a plant that grows out of the ground. Green is clearly a likelier color than blue.

I thought this was a riddle. :frowning:

Hey, flowers and shit can be blue, quit finding unnecessary flaws.

If your shit is blue, you may want to get that checked out.

How do the villagers eat and drink? I thought that’s what the final question was going to be.

That is of course the only way a man can settle such things.

Remember when Froot Loops had the blue color added to it? When I was a kid I ate like half a box of the stuff and my shit had a blueish color to it. I remember it only because it was so traumatazing…and beautiful.

So in case the captain and his first mate returned, and brought fruit loops and left again without saying a word, would that solve the problem?

no adventure is an island unto its self

Maybe lots of blueberries can do that. There’s something else to think about.

Why the hell would they discuss grass at a town meeting?

In conclusion, child porn is wrong.

Well duh.