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Does anyone else know of any high schools that require the students to complete X hours of community service in order to graduate? My school started this shit mid-year last year, which is fishy considering it wasn’t started at teh beginning of the year. I’m working on writing a letter to the state’s education department just for clarification on whether they can actually deny you your diploma if you refuse/fail to complete the community service. In the mean time, I wanted to know if anyone else has ever had to do or heard of this shit.

I had to do 100 hours, and if you didn’t have those done, you didn’t graduate. I did however go to a private catholic school.

It’s not so bad, giving back to the community.

I had to do so. I too went to a catholic school.

Actually, it was optional, but if I didn’t do it, it’d be a hell to graduate. The school would really mess me up.

Schools have requirements like these to help people get into college, or at least get a job. Like my school’s education requirements were above what was needed to get into most colleges, but it wasn’t required by the state curriculum. Community service is just one of those things. It’ll help in the long run, plus you’ll feel good. I did some community service in high school (it wasn’t required) and I never really had it documented, but I enjoyed doing it. I still do community service at times just for the hell of it.

I know quite a few. It’s a requirement if you want an International Baccalaureate.

I was required to do 25. We had two years to do them but, being the nerd that I am, I did them all in the first year (grade 12). The next year it was increased to 50 hours but the 25 from the previous year still coutned towards the 50. We also had a choice of doing 5 two-page essays in lew(sp?) of the volunteer work. Everyone copied off of each other for those.

Our school minimum was 40 hours.

edit: it’s “lieu”

Province minimum Cless.

They’re pretty easy to complete of you have one place where you can volunteer just like, two days a month.

I’ve seen them occasionally, yes. But its not universal.

You american schools make you do commutary work? Geeze.

They have this at the high school that I graduated from in May of 2005. Also if you want to get most of your tutition (you have to pay only for your books and your student fees) your have to tutor for free or help a teacher for 50 hours.

There are some like that here too although mine, being public, if not one of them. They still do waste a lot of my time with mandatory extra-curricular shit though, so I guess it ends up being more or less the same.

This is the first i’ve heard of it, and i’m not completely sure that I agree. I think it should be a personal choice to do it, but not a mandatory requirement.

It’s a state law in Pennsylvania, and probably some others as well, to have a minimum number of service hours, as well as a cumulative service project in senior year.

Also, because detention doesn’t work as a deterent, our school get rid of it in favor of community service (which also doesn’t work, because kids just get someone to sign off that they did it).

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You just don’t get it do you.


We have to complete 40 hours of community volunteer work in order to graduate. I did them in my second year of high-school (Grade 10), and did all 40 and thensome (think I did some 70 hours) being a camp counsellor at some summer camp.

It was 30 hours of mandatory volunteer and/or work experience at my school, in order to graduate. The alternative, for lazy people like me who didn’t want to do that stuff outside of school, was the CAPP program. I originally signed up for it so I could get a free juice box, to be honest. It was a fun program though, I signed up for the biology portion and I got to do stuff with the Vancouver Aquarium on three different ocasions, plus I got to go in a weeklong animation program because of it. Fun stuff. Mind you, the mandatory hours was lifted from 30 to 100 once you go into the program…

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Nulani is right; one of the requirements for the IB Diploma is community service.

However, as a requirement of basic graduation, I have heard o this before. I think it sucks, but hey - whatever, just do it.

I go to a Catholic school and while we encourage service, it’s not required. Just one retreat is all that’s needed. And it’s only 24 hours long.