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The United Kingdom!

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And just where did you get this ridiculous and utterly false information?

I think he’s trying to make an opportunity cost / finite resources argument, i.e. that by dedicating X ammount of cops and police resources to a pot bust, you have that much fewer cops / less police resources dedicated to solving murders cases and/or out walking a beat or patrolling in a car where they might be able to respond in time to prevent a rape and/or murder.

And I would guess he is disturbed by this because he considers pot growers / users to be “little fish” in contrast with rapists and murderers and, hence, this to be a flawed distribution of manpower.

It’s not exactly an airtight argument [more cops/resources dedicated to murder cases instead of pot busts leading to a reduction of unsolved murder cases? Perhaps. I’d hope so, but I don’t know for sure], but there’s some sense to it. And I see where he’s coming from

god bless the usa!