An interesting point to ponder

Imagine the following scenario.

You wake up one morning to discover that you have mentally traveled back in time five years. That is to say, you find yourself possessing the you that you were five years ago, and for some reason, you know it’ll only last for a day.

While you’re in this state, you realize that you want to procure an item. A smallish item, something you can get then that you couldn’t now.

Assuming that you can’t tell anyone else the truth (who would believe you?) how would you go about ensuring that the you of today will find the item, and find it in good condition?

This exercise is inspire by, of all things, a dream I had. Take that as you will.

I would get the item and then proceed to put it on my dresser, right next to my glasses. I would also leave a note on it telling of why this item is there.

Yep, in the morning I would find it while groping around for me glasses. :smiley:

Go deposit it to a bank. The you of five years later knows which banks have failed in the meantime. Also, bet all your money that the U.S. will have a black president in a few years. Present it as a dare.

Yeah a bank would be a safe bet, but if you don’t trust them (and I could understand why), then you would have to come up with some other idea. But then some ideas depend on exactly what it is you are try to get.

Since you could either find some place to hide it in your house, if you know any good hiding places.
Or you could bury it in some wooded area, that you know is still around. Preferable wrapped and seal in something, so it stays in good condition.

Depending on said item, wrap it up in plastic, stick it in a coffee can, and bury it. Can find it later hopefully. Probably leave a note inside concerning the item, in case you forget something.

I like Rigmarole’s idea though. Bet a bunch of money that we’d get a black president. I could almost imagine the disbelief.

I would tell myself to invest in stocks that I know have appreciated in value since then, wake up, and bail for some good cash. It’s too bad I can’t just gain five incoming years worth of insight today.

I would put it into one of my many purses in my room of that time. Because I know myself well enough to know that I’ll go through those purses again at some point in the future to figure out what I left in them the last time I had them. Because leaving it on a dresser would not work for me, since 5 years ago I lived in a different house.
And putting it in the bank takes all the fun out of finding something that you wouldn’t expect in your things.

Granted the purse thing won’t work for you, unless there is something you’re not telling me.

Provided that you live in the same house five years later, put it under the floor or in the attic. Maybe bury it as others have suggested.

Also, try to remember lottery numbers for the future >_>