An interesting news article.

I just thought I’d post an article that I found interesting. Do you find it interesting? I’d wonder how a tree could survive multiple storms and fires in the first place. The tree has been hollow for at least 190 years, now this is an interesting point. I don’t understand how it could be living while hollow anyways. The tree is sustaining heavy damage from snowfall and other environmental factors. I wonder, how could one possibly nurse a tree back to health anyways? Is it even possible? What do you think?

Possible points for discussion:

  1. A tree has been hollow for over 190 years? How could it possibly be alive? Debate.

  2. The second largest tree in the world, that’s too bad, I wonder how the biggest tree is doing? How are environmental factors effecting it?

  3. How would one go about nursing a giant tree back to health? Can it happen?

fix your tags… and weee a tree died.

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  1. Only the outer layer of a tree is actually alive. The “wood” is very much dead before a tree is even cut down.

  2. The largest tree in the world is also a giant sequoia located in that park.

All trees are hollow. How do you think they distribute water to every cell? Through a system of branching arteries not unlike ours.

Poor tree. ;_;

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