An interesting idea concerning RPG Fan Music (think

I just had an idea…which I kind of borrowed it from vgmp3.

I only have enough space on my angelfire account for one good sized song, and the senior song might not make it on their (have to find another account somewhere), so I thought

“What if I use that space to upload one of my favorite RPG Fanmusic that no one’s heard of for a week and cycle it out weekly?”

Like, I’ll upload “Squall Strife - The Wanderer of Ages (Terra orchestral)”, which many people’ve never heard, and then people can download it, n’shit, and do the same thing weekly.

This’ll only be with fanmusic that aren’t accessible anywhere else. So no OC Remixes. I’m talking about stuff from like, Rpgamer long ago now that the past pages are kaput, n’shit. Old FFMusic DJ, Trptcox, Benjamin Voght, people you’ve either most likely never heard of or they moved onto bigger things or another name n’shit.

If ya’ll want me to do this, I’ll start with “Wanderer of the Ages”, which is a very awesome orchestral fan piece that takes Terra’s theme to a new exhilrating pace. (hoorj for big words)

If not, we’ll…bugger.


btw, the Senior song Movement One is ALMOST DONE! Expect a pre-editted release to all you beta-testers and participants in the first movement, ya’ll know who you are :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> <a href=“”>Sounds fun.</a>

Uhmm… the Kefka theme! For I am Kefka’s Bitch!