an interesting corollary to Zero's Nintendo controller thread

I ripped this from Penny-Arcade, but well, it’s a very interesting analysis of Nintendo’s role and activity in the video game market:

Very well good observations. Better said and better analyzed than I could’ve presented it. I hadn’t thought so much about things from this angle.

This is definitely a valid point. Admittedly, I note with cynicism how easily I find myself agreeing with stuff I don’t already disagree directly with, but …

It’s well written and it brings up several interesting points. I agree with quite a lot.

Also, seeing the trailer has actually made me reconsider my thinking a bit. Although I don’t expect the games to be anything spectacular. I still think Nintendo hasn’t had any good games on their consoles since SNES (well, they did have Perfect Dark and Ogre Battle 64 to their credit…)