An interesting article on the war in Afghanistan

This is a very good article, describing some of the fighting in Afghanistan, and really illustrates the differences between the War in Iraq and the War in Afghanistan in terms of how they are being fought. The situation reminds me a lot of the book Platoon Leader.

That really is pretty disturbing, when you consider which war is realistically more important to the security of the US. Goddamn.

I often wonder why we’re still messing with Afghanistan…(or rather, what the technical purpose is)

Still, it’s really gotta suck being holed up in that place for so long and not do a lot but be “the bullet sponge”. Very disturbing after reading up on it.

The technical purpose is to set up a government that can hold its own and not be overrun by the Taliban immediately after foreign forces leave. Mullah Omar and Osama waving hi from Kabul wouldn’t make great PR. Aside from Afghanistan being under-staffed since Iraq, even before, most articles seemed to suggest that the money & forces NATO sent didn’t have any significant effect.