An inquiry concerning games of difficulty which one may have in one's possession?

well to me the hardest game that i own will have to be metroid prime because it has a lot of back tracking but it’s a really good game and it’s so fun when u beat a boss you really fell proud and i like games that do that… my second hardest will bei guess fire emblem because when u die in the game you are really dead which is the best ever oh and these games are for the gamecube cuz i just got it lol

For the love of God, people, learn about this!

Anyway, not sure what I’d say is the hardest game I own. After the first run-through, they are insanely easier, sicne I know how to fight better now. Maybe Kingdom Hearts, I guess.

Ninja Gaiden.

No, not the X-Box one, Ninja Gaiden 1.

I got a handful of ridiculously hard NES games way back when I was like 9, probably one of those, the ones they made before developers thought people might actually want to finish the games.

Jak 2. Just me and the ottsel on my shoulder, at the farthest end of the water slums which is a part of town made up by rickety bridges above murky waters (full of murder submarines at this point in the game), a peaceful fetch quest to get a seal piece… AND THE WHOLE GODDAMN ARMY COMING AFTER MY ASS AAAAARGH!


Why yes, I’m a little bitter about that. Especially as the first time I did that I was stuck on it for two weeks simply because I had failed to register that I had been given a machine gun a while back. Things did get more interesting after I realized that :kissy:
Oh sweet little Jak, once so innocent and happy. Reduced to a massmurderer ;_;

But yeah, the real pain about that game is the lack of checkpoints. You can struggle through traps for twenty minutes just to die by a misstep and have to start over from the beginning. It’s plain evil. I swear Erol makes it worth it though, even if you want to murder him when he’s not invading Jak’s personal space and spouting questionable lines.

“I would have <I>loved</I> to kill you in prison, but now it’ll be much more fun to take you on the race track, in front of the entire city!”

… wait. What?

It depends on what you mean by “hard”. I’ve played quite a few top-down shooters that i would consider hard, but all it takes is memorization of the shot patterns to make them easy. Do we consider music games hard? Or are they disqualified because they take a special kind of practice? And how do you compare the difficulty of Ninja Gaiden Black to that of…say…getting all 150 pokemon with only standard pokeballs?


I’d say shinobi and ninja gaiden black are the only truely “hard” traditional games i’ve played. I’m sure Hades or someone else (Hades) will disagree with me though, since that person (Hades) is more familiar with the game than i am.

Shinobi is bar none the hardest game ever it’s even harder than any other game ever.
just fyi.
e:f;b by dev >:(

I have a hard game…

in my pants!

(Someone had to say it.)

No one wants to play that game. Everyone loses.


my hardest game is xenosaga 1 i always had trouble with it, plus now the game to me is such a snooze. zzzzzzzzzzz

If you thought XS1 was hard, don’t even go near XS2. I mean it, it’ll kill you.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy. Or Bionic Commando.

I could also say Ninja Gaiden since I can’t even get past the first level.

Wait, games that I own? Damn, I don’t buy games I can’t beat. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, now I remember: 1942. I wasted months into that thing when I was a little kid. Being four years old, the game was impossible, now at eighteen it is a torture thanks to the fucking whistle and drum background music. GAHHHHH!

Finishing Tempest 2000/X3. That is a bitch of a task I have yet to complete. (and in case you’re wondering, yes it is better on Jaguar than on PS1). I always found Pikmin pretty challenging too on the later days

I’d have to say Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (Lucifer’s Call for you EU people.) One elemental weakness in your team can totally destroy you, and the random encounters get BRUTAL, at times.

Oh god, Strikers1942. That game is so bad, but its the only shooter you’ll ever see in an arcade these days :stuck_out_tongue:

XS II’s battle system was retarded, but once you got the jist of it (which took me straight to the end of the game) it’s not that bad. The hardest part is enduring the tedium of the fetch quests.

Megaman X6. Couldn’t get anywhere without cheating. Then again, the only Mega Man game I’ve ever beaten at all without cheating is MMX5. -_-;;
Alundra for annoyance factor… besides figuring out the puzzles, getting your jumps exactly right is murder.

Okay, this doesn’t apply to the whole game, but the Dark Demon battle in Demon’s Crest is pretty hard, I think.

XS2 was ridiculously hard or ridiculously easy if you exploited.