An Idea Thingy

Well, I have this idea for a story. Wait, I actually started said story, but I don’t have a copy of said story on this computer.
It’s an AU, which I’ve started to enjoy writing for some strange reason. The Yolei chick’s in it, but she’s as un-sue as I’ve ever made her.
Um, yeah. She’s pretty much a slut, something I swear I thought I’d never write her as (remember how goody-goody she is in Collision Factor?), and the whole thing’s sorta like “Pretty Woman”.
I was just wondering, should I just post a link to that sometime?
Cuz like, I don’t want anyone to be offended by it.

…and another thing, is it -really- an AU if the only thing that even remotely relates to the game/series is one chara?
Meh, just wondering.

AU? Astrononomical Unit? Or Alternate Universe? I’ll assume you mean the latter. :hahaha;

In any case: yes, even if it only has ONE element from a stablished series, it IS an AU if the story doesn’t fit in with the original series’ continuity.

As for being offensive, that’s something we would have to decide individually. I’m pretty open-minded but other people are real sensitive. My best advice is for you to describe it so we can decide individually. What do you mean by being like “Pretty Woman”, that it shows prostitution as something acceptable? Or just that she has a slutty personality? In any case, unless it is REALLY outrageous, I don’t think the local Mods will complain. But, check with them.

Personality, mostly.
she sees it as the only way to get ahead in life, something like that. i’m thinking something like an angsty childhood, mother was a slut too, but ended up throwing her out, somethin’ like that.
like said, not really sure as of yet, but I’m prolly gonna post again about the plot, later on.
It’s not -really- outrageous, at least i -hope- it’s not going ta be, but yeah, we’ll see when it’s done.