An idea against terrorism

This is like the infiltration plan in Team America - but according to Scott’s plot, instead of just gathering information, one could rule the terrorists and drive them to do more constructive things.

The Grand Talipoobah

It doesn’t take into account the paranoia such group members are likely to have for each other.

the ultimate tactic against terrorism is to stop pissing off the terrorists

What? Are you kidding? They’re like that one bad-tempered old geezer everyone has in their family. Even if we did somehow try not to piss them off, they’d find something to be pissed off about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don’t we just have Paris Hilton sing to those heartless bastards and we broadcast it with big speakers.

It’ll cause culture shock.


By the way, this is a macross joke.

Actually, shooting them’s probably a good stopgap measure