An example of my train of thought

So, I was pondering the idea of me as an RPGClassics staffer. Why would I become a staffer? Why, so I could post in locked threads and look at the Staff Forum, of course! So I figured I’d become an Official RPGC Hanger-On, considering how long I’ve been here without contributing anything of substance. Then I remembered that I don’t actually spend all that much time here anymore, in which case it’d probably be more appropriate if I were an Official RPGC Slacker. On the other hand, this was my train of thought on Friday, as I biked to my last day of work at the college library. And by “day” I mean “hour and a half”, since my manager gave the impression that she had never had much room for me in the schedule, so it’s probably not a good idea to call it a “job.” Since then, I have forgotten what my actual point was in my intentions to post this.

I was feeling that way the other day

me too

I started a shrine once… but dropped it due to lack of time to commit.

I still don;t know how I made it to a staff level.

I always assumed that you just screwed your way to the top.

This is true

And no one was more surprised in bed than Merlin

I had a dream the other day about Captain Picard’s Enterprise facing off against the CIS Droid Army. My train of thought wins.

PS The droids were eating nachos on their ship. Like, with cheese.

The banner ad at the top of the page makes me wonder what I could do with a PI.

Which makes me wonder if there had been any other tv shows that star female PI’s/detectives since Charlie’s Angles? (and shows that feature investigating teams like CSI or NCIS don’t count)

I ask because if a friend of mine has lost his manhood a female PI would be handy to have on hand.

That said noones reviewed Crystalis yet (either version actually) and it makes me wonder if I should throw in my two and a-half assed sense into it.

Originally Posted by Hades Shinigami
I had a dream the other day about Captain Picard. My train of thought wins.

Another example of my train of thought. At first I was simply going to ask ‘bout which ship yous was talkin’ 'bout?, but this seemed easier. :wink:

Uh…there’s been tv shows that star female PI’s/detectives. Women’s Murder Club comes to mind. Never watched it though. Does that count?

As per my train of thought…it ranges from the inane to randomness.
Like Hypothetical situations (like how I’d disarm an armed assailant) or possible world destruction (not by my hands…that’d be bad).

The best example of my thought of this was CVS vs. Walgreen’s. Their stores are often close to one another and they have price wars over certain products. Why not take it to the extreme and have the employees fight it out in the middle of the city? They could be armed with rakes, knifes, and have armor made out of whatever is lying around. Imagine these guys just going at it in the middle of the road, trapped by cars, some using makeshift flamethrowers (or bombs, whichever)…pure chaos! Also, there’s guys throwing Molotovs off the roof.

Just an idea. I can only wish.

Not paid enough for that.