An Epic Sing-A-Long

Many years ago, the Chat Room was much livelier. We had fifteen active Ops. Like ten more active staff. Tons of regular users. Hell, there were times when we had like 30 active people at once. It was a fun time. I recall the names fondly… Dai, Varan, zombiegirl, Tenchimaru Draconis, Kagon, Flintedge… The list goes on and on. Nowadays, the chat is a shell. We have around nineteen people in the chat, most idlers. We don’t do the fun things we used to do.

We would call each other and play songs. I called SG once and played some Zorak song. I think he called back and played some Bad Religion song.

We had this fad of adding “POWER CONVERTERS” to every sound file. “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take - POWER CONVERTERS!” “Dude, you’re getting - POWER CONVERTERS!” Merlin started that one.

We played games like Scrabble, Hearts, Yahtzee!, and Monopoly. The old website had a honking noise. That’s where we got Honk if You Love The 984. Trill would always honk. As would Vicki.

Eden and SG would record their voices. We had so many files from them. SG had stuff like “juh-lap-in-ohs” or “YOU’RE A FAILURE!” Eden would record stuff like The Kagon Scream.

On PlanetZ, we had /umode +q. That was fucking fun to do to new people. We had #hmongchat. We had that other Thai chat with like 25 characters in its title, none of them English.

It was a fun time. We goofed off. We stayed up until 4 in the morning. Now, it’s a shell…

Recently though, Eden found a file that people would send him. See, part of the recording was Chatters would record themselves singing songs. And send them to Eden. Really, we were friends; the barriers of the internet went tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down. But the songs… Oh the songs. I never recorded one, but I didn’t have a mic.

You know who did record one? Epicgamer, later known as Epico Gameu, now known as Rinn. Eden lost most of his songs in a reformat. He somehow kept Epic’s. He could hear Epic sing. Now you can too.

Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.

I would be more than happy to share The Kagon Scream with anyone who wants it… but it is NSFF*.


*Not Safe For Forums

For those who consider this tl;dr…

Yeah, come to the chatroom. It’s a fun way to pass time… well, the fun usually starts when the old worlders should go to bed and the new worlders hop in the chat… and when I wake up in the morning, everyone starts to fade away…

Actually, the tl;dr version is

We have a sound file of Epic singing.

Not to mention Eden making a sound that is totally hilarious when SOMEONE starts to spam all the sound files 03:25am in the chatroom and my speakers weren’t turned off 8[

you son of a bitch

I am about to come unglued at what has been done to this thread.

I know… I know I’ve let you down, I’ve been a fool to myself.
I thought that I could live for no one else- but now, through all the hurt and pain,
It’s time for me to respect the ones who love me more than anything.

So with sadness in my heart,
Feel the best thing I could do,
Is end it all and leave for ever.

What’s down is down, I feel so bad!
What once was happy… now is sad!
I’ll never love again-
My world is Ending.


you mother fucker

You magnificent bastard!

Oh, the folly!

This would be hilarious if Rick Astley wasn’t in critical condition. : \

It’s all over the news right now.

At least it’s not June anymore…

Copyright laws just inoculated the rest of the worl from RickRolls. Take that!