An English problem

Alright, yeah, so this isn’t going to be a very interesting thread, but it’s mainly just for those folks out there who’ve read a certain book called The Scarlet Letter, and actually remember it, so that I can find out something:

Am I the only guy who doesn’t think Chillingworth was that bad a guy? I mean, he helped Dimmesdale stay alive right? So he mentally tormented the guy…he still kept Dimmesdale alive. The story makes Chillingworth seem like the incarnation of evil, but while he was wrong for doing that to Dimmesdale for seven years, he at least tried to atone for his sins by leaving an inheirtance to Pearl. My teacher says that he probably did it just to get “brownie points” with God, but I see it as him realizing the error of his ways and trying to do the right thing. What about ya’ll?

Either I’m just an optimist or I’m just not seeing his character correctly. Or, you know, maybe I’m on the right track.

This whole post could be considered a spoiler, and I’m not tagging the whole thing. Warning in advance.
It’s really a matter of opinion. I personally think he was just like anybody else, with his good and bad. When around Dimmsdale, his ‘bad’ came out. Chillingsworth very much hated Dimmsdale, I think that’s universally agreeable, but he was still a doctor, so he found himself unable to take out his agression against Dimmsdale in physical harm, such as a duel or even just a fight to settle things, and instead subtly attacked and tore at Dimmsdale. Thus, in many ways, he had a lot of integrity, and he probably didn’t even intentionally do most of the harm he did to Dimmsdale, the same way you’ll say things in a cruel way to people you don’t like without even thinking about it, Chillingsworth did in the furthest extreme to Dimmsdale.
Chillingsworth also did have a good side; he is never cruel to Hester in the book, despite her leaving him for a Priest, and is kinder than anyone else in the village to Parl, and does leave the inheritance.
Dimmsdale is the villain of the story, unquestionably, but he is a very sympathetic character, all of his cruelty is ‘scrupulous meanness’ and James Joyce describes the same trait in his own characters.
That’s what I think anyway.

I have a qeustion.

What happend to Pearl at the end of the book? She goes to england with Hester and then she is never heard from again.

:moogle: I smell a sequel… or murder.

That’s kind of what I was thinking Arac. Although, I think you mean that Chillingworth is the villian of the story, not Dimmesdale.

Cait, it’s assumed that she just went and lived happily ever after in England. That’s it.

Oops, yeah, I do.

What a lovely thread! As in I’m reading the book right now because I am going to have a presentation on it in a month. =P

I refused to take honors english my junior year to avoid this book.

Good idea, Jenna. I truly bitterly hated the Scarlet Letter. Mrs. Dalloway, too. Oh well, AP Lit next year=Catch 22=Awesome.

I read a few chapters in the 8th grade, and I couldn’t stand it.