An emergency has arisen; answers really needed.

Some people might be offended by this topic, as it contains subject matter which is usually not spoken about in public. This topic is about sex and pregnancy. If you haven’t anything suggestive to say, please say nothing.

Some of you might find this topic disgusting, but I have to post it. I haven’t anywhere else reliable and safe to talk to. If I talk to my doctor, he will inform my parents. If I tell my parents, I will move away. Girlfriend requested not to tell her parents, and she cannot ask her doctor for the same reason I cannot to mine.

I would appreciate if a mod didn’t lock this thread saying something like “ask your mother, she’d know this stuff”, like a previous related thread I made.

I have a few questions, of which I need a truthful and unbiased answer. To me, and my partner (girlfriend), this is a major life-changing thing.

On Saturday, I had my girlfriend come to my house and sleep over so we can chill for some time together. There was a school dance the previous day. We both went (and it sucked).

We decided that on that Saturday, we’d have sex. I don’t know how else to word it. We ‘decided’. I guess it’s not really a decision one must think about, it’s more of a get-to-that mood kind of thing. We’ve had sex before. Much before. But this time was different.

We walked around the mall complex near my house, looking for a public washroom to “use”. Since we obviously cannot do it at my own house. My parents are 100% catholic/christian, and against sex totally. They said if we had sex, I’d might not see my girlfriend ever again. Even worse, they said if my girlfriend gets pregnant, I will have to move away to another province, and never see her, or my child ever again.

We use a male condom (obviously), and my girlfriend has been on a birth-control patch for about 4 months now (Ortho Evra; name of patch). The failure rate for a condom is about 3 in 100 times. The failure rate of the contraceptive patch is 0.1 in 100 times. Together, it should be 0.03~ in 100 times for failure rate if we use both; which we did.

We ended up using a public washroom in a fast food place (KFC). This isn’t abnormal. We’ve done it in worse situations before. So don’t say that it’s disgusting, because to you it might, but to me it’s okay.

We finished up much later, and disposed of the condom. We left, but about half-way back home, my girlfriend said she felt a, and I quote, “coldness near her crotchal region. Inside, and around”.

To my knowledge, semen is stored in the testicles at a fairly cold temperature (I don’t know for sure), but when it’s ejected, it passes through the penis, and it ‘warms up’, to pretty fucking warm. She thought the condom had broke.

We went back to my house, and I ‘checked her’. I did so by, well, actually taking a look inside. I was destroyed to the sight of a white gel-like substance.

To my knowledge, vaginal mucus is usually present in the vagina at all times, and is also white and gel-like. The contraceptive patch increases the amount of vaginal mucus. So it is possible that it was not semen, but in fact vaginal mucus.

But, there is the slight chance it is not. The next day, she said she felt nausious (sp?), and had a stomach ache; and even today, same thing. I was wondering if this is related.

How likely is my girlfriend to become pregnant? 0.03% if the condom did break. 0% if the condom did not break. I have a feeling that it did not in fact break, but the white substance, and the cold feeling have to contribute to my worry.

I need to ask of you (female posters) a personal question, and feel free to PM me with the answer if unsure about posting it in the open, but: if you’ve had sex before (unprotected), what temperature did the semen feel like?

I cannot stress the urgence of my concern. Hopefully, my answers will be answered before this thread is locked, if it is locked. I’m hoping it won’t.

Yeah, this is important.

just take a pregnancy test or see a doctor; that’s a far better way to tell than gauging temperatures. A lot of her problems might be psychosomatic right now.

Haha holy shit I was waiting for this.

Grab the morning after pill. Also, the doctor is legally bound to not inform your parents without your consent I believe.

That’s really all that needs to be said, hermaphrodites of the internet, PM your semen experiences.

this should only be closed if it gets out of hand.

When was her last period? If she just finished bleeding, or if she’s just about to start, then you’re probably fine. She can only get pregnant during ovulation (about halfway between periods). Also, yeah, you should consider the morning-after pill.

You see, Setz, under different circumstances, I might actually be interested in reading your post and helping you out. Better luck next time. My opinion is that this should be closed immediately because it can only degenerate.

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Honestly though, why not check your own semen? It’s not that hard to.
It’s easy and fun to get! :smiley:

Pregnant girls don’t have those symptoms the day after sex. It takes at least a month before the first signs of pregnancy (no menstruation when there should be one). Feeling sick usually appears by the second month. What she’s feeling, might be psychological.

You should have checked the condom. But as things are, I don’t think you have to worry.

Relax. keep your life as normal as possible. If you did comit a mistake and she got pregnant (very unlikely), there’s no fixing it now unless you consider her taking a afterday pill for chance.


If I inform a doctor, they will contact parents. Age of consent (for pretty much anything legal) is 18 in Ontario. However, we will take your suggestion of pregnancy test into consideration.


Morning After Pill works for only 3 days after intercourse. I looked it up, and it’s been 3 today. It would take a while to actually get the pill, so I am unable to do that.

First of all, go to a doctor. A doctor will not tell your parents. Second of all, you can throw around stats all you want, but if you’re really so concerned about this <i>GO GET A TEST, AND THEN SOME PILLS</i>. STUPID PROBLEM SOLVED.

Second, i don’t fucking believe a word of this. I have SINCERE doubts that your girlfriend would even have sex with you <i>at all</i>, and even if she did, there’s no way in hell she’d do it in a bathroom. <b>A KFC bathroom</b>. No fucking way dude. You’ve tried to pass some pretty outrageous stuff before, but this just takes the cake.

I forget, how does it work when both are underage?

If he does inform, sue.

Day After pill = Pretty much saves both your nerves. One can get 'em free over here if a severe “oops” happened. And Canada? I’d say you’re even more liberal than us when it comes to… this, so it shouldn’t be that tough.

edit: Shazbot. Didn’t read your age. Carry on. Good luck.

Uh was the condom broken when you took it off? If it wasn’t broken then you’re fine, if it was broken you’re still probably fine because she’s on the patch but you can go to a doctor anyway since you’re freaking out.

If you are not sure whether or not the condom was broken, it was not.

First, Relax… Ok…

Whist I’m not the best person for the Job… but I think you should ask your self/her a few questions.

Then a Big question about Pregnacy I think is relevent:

Where is she in her cycle? or When did she last have a Period?

It isn’t the end of the world. OK

@ Sephiroth_Katana:

Actually, it was the day immedietly after her period stopped.

@ Sinistral:

: (

@ Ren:

After it happened, I began to check condoms by squeezing it and pulling downwards, to see if anything drips. I will continue to do so.

Seconded, hence why I closed it.

But hey, I’m not complaining. This is comedy gold, man. Comedy gold.

Anyway, get a pregnancy test or talk to an abortion clinic that guarantees confidentiality.

Otherwise this should probably be closed now. I think most users would appreciate you not constantly bringing up your sex life here.

also: like, don’t fuck around with the condoms too much. Applying too much pressure to them may cause them to rip, which is more likely to be the case than them being ripped before you test them.

This is why Southerners keep shotguns. We protect the sanctity of marriage.

I just re-read this thread and this is maybe the most ridiculous thing ever posted on these boards. Are the two of you crouched over a laptop, desperately awaiting replies?

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