An attempt to identify strange item in Lufia

There is an item in Lufia called the Magic Flavor-I can’t figure out it’s use in the game.It is not on the item listing sheet that comes with the game.If i try to use the item i get the message,"You can’t use it here."But there is a way to get a text identification of this item- in the super nintendo U.S. version of the game if you select to use the item with the A button all you get is the message you can’t use it here but in the super famicom japanese version of the game called estpolis there is an option that was removed from the american version.
if you point to an item and use the X button a screen comes up with an explanation of the item- Now if someone can translate the screen that shows up in japanese when the item is selected with the X button we can find out what this item is-I have found out the item in the japanese version of the game translates to magic seasoning if that means anything- i just want to know what the identification screen in japanese reads and possibly identifys what this item is used for-and notice the item above it is another item not on the item sheet that comes with the game- “fairy kiss”-
if someone responds and gives a translation of the Magic flavor or seasoning i will post the japanese screen identifying the fairy kiss- i wonder what you can do with a fairy kiss in the game?

What is the item used for? a translation of the japanese identification box that shows up when you use the X button after selecting it would tell what it does-

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Answers to all your questions can be obtained through google. Since you seem retarded, I’ll answer them for you:

Fairy Kiss - The Fairy Kiss is an item obtained on the first floor of the Secret Cave. You must obtain this item to give to a man in Grenoble, who in turn gives you a letter to take to his apprentice in the North Tower. You battle the Apprentice, and he gives you information about Artea.

Purple Newt/Magic Flavor - At some point in the game you’re in some city inhabited by a ton of chefs. One of them has information you need for something or another, so a side quest begins to obtain the magic flavor. To make the magic flavor, first you need to get the purple newt - which is located in some ghost cave nearby. You get that, you take it to a chef, he grinds it up into Magic Flavor, you take the Magic Flavor to the guy that you gotta talk to, and he voila - suddenly he’s got this amazing new flavor to use in his dishes. In return, he tells you all that you need to know.

Now, first, if you had played the game you’d know this. I had forgotten about everything except the Fairy Kiss. The Purple Newt thing is easy to forget, but once I remembered what it was for it all came back. Secondly, you could have just googled “Lufia 1 Items xxx” or something. I mean, seriously, did you just get a computer or what?

If I find that I have to ask THIS many questions about a game on the internet, I’ll just find a fansite for it, or even resort to GameFAQs if I have to. One question or so would be fine, but this is way past stretching it.

Ok, I tried out Google, and here’s something interesting:

By searching for Lufia “Item”: (replace Item with the name, leave the quotes on)

Purple Newt: 2nd site listed as a result: RPGClassics, Lufia 1 Shrine, Purple Newt section of walkthrough
Fairy Kiss: 2nd site listed as a result: RPGClassics, Lufia 1 Shrine, Old Cave section of walkthrough
Magic Flavor: FIRST site listed as a result: RPGClassics, Lufia 1 Shrine, Purple Newt section of walkthrough

Wow, it seems all of those items could be found in the shrine on this very site! You’re breaking poor Kagon’s heart by ignoring the shrine.

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