An art request

As some of you have probably noticed, I play Warhammer…
And I was wondering if anyone could help me with some army artwork.
(Translatation, I was planning to have some cool artwork on my army list but I suck at drawing :))

The thing I was mostly thinking about is a pic of a character I created myself…
It’s a Skink Priestess (actually, it’s not a “she”, more like an “it”… There aren’t any male or females, they’re born in large pools, but it’s a feminine it :p), here is a pic of the model…
And over here you can find GW artwork of a skink priest (but I think the pic sucks… That’s why I’m not using it…)

Note: The pic does not have to be serious, it can be a humoristic pic too…
And if you want to draw something else than a Skink you can check the artwork and miniatures galleries, to see if there are any other lizardmen you feel like drawing…

Dayamn that things cool. I’ll do one, later tomorrow maybe the next day. though I’ll put my own touch on it.

Cool, You collect warhammers to, I collect Wood Elves.
watches for elf haters

Elf haters? Let me at them!
grabs Uther the Lightbringer and Turalyon’s hammers

Charl: Yes, put your own touch on it. That is even better :smiley:
(Then I know that I’ve got at least one great pic soon :))

Eheh… raises hand I don’t like the Wood Elves… cough coughcamperscough runs

And if anyone else wants to draw some pics, go ahead. The more pics the better :slight_smile: