An Announcement:

You know all those guys who own roosters for cockfighting? They should totally push for the legalization of cockfighting be sending their chosen warriors up against congress. Just, let all these chickens with razours strapped to them into the various offices of the legislative branch of America’s government. That’ll teach 'em to outlaw cockfighting. I hope the chickens kick their asses.

Is this about Ultimate Fighting? Was there a memo I missed?

I was thinking Ultimate Showdown…

No, man, cockfighting, is, like, against the law. I was just thinking, you know, if, like, the cocks went and like, did their thing, at like, senators, they’d get their jobs back.
Legal and everything. I mean, shit, I’d change a law before fighting a chicken. Those little fuckers’ll gut you.

Send one of those roosters up against modern day Ken Shamrock. He’ll still get TKO’ed in one minute.

Ken or the rooster? I mean, 'cos shit, he’s just a wrestler, and it’s a chicken with hard, beady eyes, a razour-beak and one of those little chicken-head-things on its head as scarlet as the flames of hell soaked in blood and also ketchup.l

Ken would get TKOed. Have you seen his recent bouts in UFC? He gets lit the fuck up.

The most recent pro wrestling thing I can remember is the Randy Savage album. After which, I figured the sport could not reach peaks so high ever again.

UFC is real though. Mixed martial arts, shoot fighting, the Gracies, etc. Kenny Shamrock made his name fighting in UFC before crossing over to pro-wrasslin’.

How real?
Like, Chinese martial arts tournament or American?

Real as in they go into an eight sided ring with a 7 foot cage and get to beat the shit out of each other legitimately. There’s a few banned moves such as groin attacks, fish-hooking, headbutting (sorry Zidane), etc.

Banned moves? Pussies. Chickens would kick their ass.

I’m sure if cockfighting were regulated, eye-pecking would be grounds for disqualification.

Cock fighting will never go soft!

It will if there’s money in it.

I’ve never seen cockfighting… It does sound cool though, I’d want to see it some time, regardless of it being legal or not. =)

In fact, I know it will never get legal in Sweden anyway. Not with the people that run our country.