Got any links to good AMVs? Know what the f–k AMVs are? I know, but oh well…
What bands go best with what anime? I’ve got a list of that:

Wolfs Rain: Metallica

Trigun: Rammstein

Inuyasha: Anything

Ranma 1/2: Paul McCartney

I haven’t wtched any Orphen AMVs, but they’d probably go well with U2

I saw a cool one with Perfect Blue and NIN- Perfect Drug.

And that one where they spliced Trigun and Cowboy Bebop together. Spike and gang were chasing Vash.

But I don’t remember what site they were on. Sorry.

I made a DBZ amv :stuck_out_tongue:

And no. I don’t see Orphen with U2. Just… no. No.

If one of the components are anything by Toriyama, anything by Takahashi, or any kind of nu-angst band, then I’m not downloading it.

As for your original question, any song can go well with any anime, provided you can find the specific footage from the series/OVAs/movie to back it up.

There are so many Elfen lied AMVs of Trash by KoRn