My roommate and I have been seriously discussing taking a trip to Amsterdam. I know that the people on RPGC are from all over the place. Any of you been to Amsterdam? I have a few questions if anyone can answer them.

What is the best time of year to go? Is there a time I should avoid?

What are things that I must see while I’m over there?

Any advice in general about how to act or something?


Whatever people tell you should so go, it would be awesome to see it.

If I go, I’ll definitely have to take a bunch of pictures and then post them when I get back.

You’ll get to see me all slanty-eyed.

Rhaka is from Holland, so he might have a few words about it.

I don’t know why, but you make me want to watch Eurotrip.

TD’s words will mostly be him badmouthing Amsterdam. For a little Dutch boy, he sure does hate the Dutch prostitution/drug rings. >.>

Prostitution is a big thing out there? I think I heard something like that before.

Is there some place called narrow street or something? I think someone was telling me about that.

Basically, Amsterdam is all the rumours you’ve heard about Holland combined into one place. There’s coffee shops (read: legal pot purchasing) all over the place, and there’s the neighbourhood with all the prostitutes, called De Wallen. No clue what it’s called in English.

Other than the blatant drugs/sex, there’s a lot of nice architecture, and you can jump on a small boat and take a trip through the, uh, rivers? that are all over the town.

There’s the annual gay pride festival, but I have absolutely no idea when that is. You’ve probably heard of it.

And that’s basically all there is. I have no clue why it gets so much hype except for De Wallen. Though it’s hilarious to see prostitutes stalled out in stores, staring blankly towards random windowshopping tourists.

I think I’ll try to avoid gay pride week. I don’t need to be there for that.

What about talking to the locals? Do many people speak English over there? Am I going to have a hard time communicating?

EDIT: / / / Yeah, I’m going for the french fries. Thanks for that.

Isn’t it true that fries were not originally from France, but from Holland? Didn’t the french occupy Belgium (that is like, in Holland, right?) during WW2 or someshit? Flemish fries instead of french fries?.

English proficiency among Dutch people is generally good. Especially in Amsterdam, you should have no problems.
Edit: Belgium, in HOLLAND? Is that a joke? Oo Belgium is an own country, man. :confused:

You’re going to go to Europe and only visit Amsterdam? I guess that’s cool, but you should visit other places as well. Amsterdam is a lot of fun, but after two or three days it won’t be very exciting. It’s a surprisingly small city, and all the fun stuff is concentrated in one small area by the train station, which is the Red Light District. Prostitutes occupy windows there, and you can go up to them and negotiate prices and whatnot (if you are going to take advantage of it). They are the safest prostitutes in the world, supposedly, because they are technically small business owners who must meet strict government guidelines regarding testing and whatnot. You can find pretty much any type of girl in the windows also, from all over Europe and Asia. Even if you don’t want to fuck them, it’s a sight to see. And then of course there are the bars and coffee shops. The drugs and beer are all very cheap for Europe (much cheaper than Paris or other big cities). Everyone speaks nearly fluent English. I would also visit The Hague and Rotterdam if you plan to go to Holland. They are both very interesting cities. I don’t think it’s really worth your time or money to only go to Amsterdam though. Sure, the pot is legal, but it’s not like it’s hard to acquire in America and smoke in the enjoyment of your own home.

Oh and we call the rivers canals. The city is full of them, and it’s very quaint. They also don’t smell like the canals in Venice.

You are a complete and utter idiot. Besides your complete lack of geographic knowledge (Belgium is a country, not a city) the idea of France occupying anything during WW2 is completely preposterous.

If you want to know about French Fries, you should google it.

I have some friend who moved to Holland/Belgium/somewhere, and told me all these timbits of information.

Belgium was part of Holland. Hundreds of years ago. Before there really was a concept of Holland.

Thats a good point Zep. I think we might travel around a bit, since we’ll already be in Europe.

I don’t know about the prostitutes. I definitely want to check out the area and see them all on display, that sounds amusing. But I don’t know if I’d actually touch one of them.

And its not so much that the pot is legal, its that the pot is rediculously strong. I’ve heard that Americans go over with a big ego about their weed skills and just embarass themselves by being lightweights compared to the locals.

Eh… I dunno. I’ve smoked a lot of pot in my day.

Anyway, yeah, if you’re in Europe, I would suggest you go elsewhere besides Amsterdam. It really does sound like it would lose its appeal shortly.

Yeah, but have you ever smoked bud that has won the Cannabis Cup?

Well, see, there in lies the problem. I’ve smoked White Widow, Bubble Gum, Blueberry…all that wonderful stuff but there’s no guarantee it’s a) real or b) as potent as that which won the Cannabis Cup.

So, in a sense, yes. But in another sense, maybe not.

Same here. And that is exactly why I want to go. To find out how crazy it really is.

Yeah. They couldn’t even occupy their own country.