I need help on completing the Papa Roach song on Brutal difficulty. I can go as far as 73%, then I lose. I need suggestions on which color tracks to avoid, or just the easier tracks. I’ve already completed Easy, Normal, and the first 10 levels of Brutal, and 1 level on Insane difficulty. Is there any cheats to stay alive?

Cheats? Pfft. Never use cheats!
All it does is ruin the game, I think!


P.S: Nothing against 'em if you’ve finished and mastered the game though.


Well, yeah, I somewhat agree. Cheats don’t hurt if you are really stuck, or really want to advance, but something’s in your way. But still, Amplitude is the type of game which requires cheats to fully complete. I only know of one person who beat the game on all difficulties, without cheating. D: