Anyone heard about the North American Union and the idea of a unified currency (the Amero)? I’m trying to find some opinions on it, since this is the first I’ve heard about it. Also, if someone could clearly explain it, that’d be awesome too.

I saw Lou Dobbs talking to someone about it. It seemed to be your standard “I’m not a protectionist, but there’s no way for my ideas to be implemented without protectionism” Lou Dobbs interview.

This will never happen.

I heard about it a couple years ago when it was put out for public opinion. Back then they were thinking of just replacing Canadian money with American money. Haven’t heard anything else until you brought it up.

The E.U. is one thing, but this is a totally useless idea.

Doesn’t N.A. already have a common currency?

The currency of love?

North America has a de facto common-esque currency rather than a de jure common currency. That’s due to the US dollar though.

That’s pretty much all I heard too. Probably the same interview too.

I don’t if I’m for it or against it, since I haven’t really read/heard enough about it at this point.

If “Amero” gets instituted it will have to serve the U.S’ interests perfectly. And have a better name, like Dollar.

Euro’s effects are still playing out and a common currency also has its problems. If Amero is NA only, the U.S. could probably strong-arm Canada and Mexico. SA isn’t exactly in a U.S. friendly mode right now. Can you imagine Chavez accepting a common currency with the U.S?

Haven’t heard about this, don’t particularly see it happening either.