American? Say Goodbye to Civil Rights

Hopefully, fellow Americans aren’t too displeased with the constitution being swapped for something suspiciously close to a corporate guidebook.

HR6166, or the Military Commissions Act of 2006, allows the fed to define anyone it wants as an enemy combatant. It is deceptively worded as only applying to aliens, but actually reading through the document shows that it can apply to pretty much anyone the feds want it to.

If you don’t feel like reading, you can watch to Kieth Olbermann go off about it here.

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So nothing has changed, it’s just no legal for the government to do waht it has been doing illegally for years?

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Originally Posted by Arac
So nothing has changed, it’s just no legal for the government to do waht it has been doing illegally for years?

Pretty much, yeah.

So is this what they used against the girl who posted on her blog a message saying Bush should be killed?

No what they used against the girl was used in the past 5 years against other minors.

And yeah I graduated my B.Sc., currently branging my head in my current program.

At this point, none of it surprises me or even disturbs me. I figure the government has been doing so much illegal, totalitarian shit for so long that its like, not an issue anymore. Its a reality.

Exactly. It’s been 1984 for a while now.

Congrats Sin. Maybe I’m late in the grats, but I knew you’d do it. I think you vented a few times here about some BS you had to endure in the interest of your education.

Somebody asked if this had anything to do with that girl with the “kill bush” myspace… no. It could have been handled differently by authorities (like, not having SS agents pull her outta class and project this Gestapo image), but she was asking for trouble; threatening the president has been taboo forever.

No, this law, along with the Patriot Act, completely sidesteps the constitution in so many ways it isn’t funny. 1984’s been here in a few aspects, but it’s frightening how quickly it is coming into fruition.

If you’d like information on this, I have authored a few tinWiki articles on the more eggregious software/hardware programs used to snoop the world.

CTS (Combat Zones That See)
TIA (Total Information Awareness)
IAO (Information Awareness Office)

Anyway, I highly suggest you visit DARPA’s site and take a browse through their project proposals, as well as their funding information. Gives you some idea of what they’re up to and how much money’s going into it.

Not American? Read anyway, since it’s most likely still watching.

Paranoid yet?