American psycho...

…has Dougal as his avatar. American psycho is leet. To anyone who doens’t know who this is, you suck.

Yeah, my Irish friends introduced me to the show. Being a Catholic it is even more hilarious.
The site with some videoclips is down, so this is the best I can give you all if you are interested in the genius of Father Ted. If you don’t like it then you can FECK OFF!!

Dougal is to Ted what Alice is to Geraldine in The Vicar Of Dibley…so yeah, go Irishness.

Pfft, Father Ted is FAR leeter then Vicar of Dibley.

Oh, all right Ted!

Someone needs to grab a Jack Avatar now. We need a Mrs. Doyle as well.

You two are so precious.

I was just told by Cavelcade that I suck. Oh the angst =(

Yes Kor. But you still get Cavel lav, so it’s all good.