American McGee's KIRBY

No, it’s not an upcoming game.

It’s an unber-freaky piece of artwork by Dave Litter, the mind behind Dave and Vyachaslav.

Take a look. Have fun trying to sleep tonight. :mwahaha:

It looks lovely.

When the hell is American McGee’s OZ gonna come out???

That was… disturbing.

I’ve seen freakier.

Kirby! :slight_smile:

Alice r0xx0r’d…when the hell IS Oz gonna come out?

I’d play it.


We’d better do what he says!


crams Seymour into Pierson’s mouth

You don’t get the reference. You fail. At life.

American McGee is making an Oz game?
What is that going to be, just Dorty with a chain gun going around shooting blue monkeys? Since that would be awesome

No, actually, I knew perfectly well it’s Little Shop of Horrors. crams Seymour further into his mouth

It’s cute.

Should’ve been.

Let’s see HIS Kirby Dance. >.>;


Seeing Kirby and Mario, just… no.

Pretty cool actually.

That plant gave me nightmares when I was a little kid.

That’s… well, I can’t say I saw THAT before.

Oh hell, me too.