American Idol vs Canadian Idol

I’ve recently got into both and watched the latter half of A. Idol and am now going along the whole elimination process in C. Idol, for the first time. Is there like an unwritten law stating that these reality tv music hosts have to be extremely creepy with buried, pent up sexual frustration? I don’t think that Americans get C. Idol down there (obviously- you’re not missing much anyway) but here we get both (obviously) and I’ve just made the comparison between Seacrest and Mulrooney. Although Seacreast is slightly daff and incredibly not entertaining, Mulrooney is very…like…pedophile in disguise. Has anyone else gotten this vibe from this young man? The contestants all smile at him weakly whenever he does the traditional “I touch your back after you perform” and seem to physically cringe. I know I do in the comfort of my own house.

If you have no idea whom I’m talking about, proceed to vent your anger about how and why canadians have to steal good quality american television.

We don’t get Canadian Idol. We did get this special where showed all these other Idol shows from other countries like Sweden and…Kubekistan. Hope I spelled that right.

Ryan Seacrest actually has his own show down here that comes on…all though I haven’t seen it as of late.

Yeah, what the American Idol producers fail to realize is that the world hates Ryan Seacrest. Thats why his talk show isn’t on anymore. On another note, the Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney, the only reason he’s got a job at all is because he’s the son of an ex-Prime Minister. Oh my GAWD he’s awful, he’s worse than plastic boy, AKA Ryan Seacrest.

This may be a generality but the Canadian Idol contestants are more talented than the American Idol contestants mainly because 2 of the 4 judges suffer from mild Simon syndrome and are total assholes 75% of the time, the 3rd judge ist hat way half the time and the 4th judge is the token woman who has no fucking clue what she’s talking about. She spends 90% of her comments on “Derr me like your hair”. (No offense to women)

On the flip side to the Canadian contestants to being more talented is that we have more idiots who think they can sing. It’s scary.

So all in all Canadian Idol is the crappier of the two.

Didn’t you say that the Canadian Idol contestants had more talent though?

You, uh, obviously haven’t seen the auditions down here, have you?

Talent has nothing to do with the show being good as the judges, format and host suck. There’s also the blatant whoring of some cosmetic company sponsor and a ‘comedian’ to do sketches and stuff who really, really isn’t funny. He’s the kinda guy that you could say “PENIS!” to and he’d laugh so hard his nose would bleed.

I thought Ryan Seacrest was America’s beloved or something. I don’t see the appeal to him, and I’m glad others don’t either. But yeah, Mulroney’s worse. Much much worse. He’s not funny, he has no stage presence and like I mentioned before, he has a HUGE creep factor. He flirts with the contestants and tries to suck their ass to somehow provide a light atmosphere directly after the judge’s smackdown of doom but I hope that no one is buying it. He should not be employed.

I also don’t like the carbon copy of the American judges. I mean I know that everyone needs their own Simon, but the nice girl and big jolly black dude thrown in just reeks of no originality on our part whatsoever :\ What is that old guy doing there, attempting to throw off this image? Bah.

Stupid music shows.

Reality TV shows are shit. Not the shit, but just shit. That’s my opinion, anyways.

I saw maybe one or two of the Canadian Idols, man did they suck 0o. Not saying that because I’m american, i mean really i remember there wasn’t a lot of voices i cared for. Yeah i get two Canadian channels, one’s entirely in French, other is not. It was nice to watch the olympics at the actual times but the Canadian pride was an annoying bit. Here’s our Canadian bicyclist who came in dead last or something, let’s talk with her for 10 minutes…

I actually watched this season’s American Idol, when i swore i wouldn’t. I stopped watching it when 3 of my favorites got kicked off while others that sucked from day one, stayed because of their “looks” it seemed.

I can’t STAND American Idol. Let’s face it, many people watch it because they want to see people get humiliated on TV, as in most other reality shows. :noway: Simon is there JUST to mock people. No self-respecting show would have someone like William Hung as a contestant. In a way I’m glad they did, cuz people ended up loving him more than any of the real winners, haw!

I understand the idea was swiped from some European star search show. I saw a Spanish one, called Objetivo Fama (Objective: Fame) and from what I saw, they REALLY mean what they are doing, they really pick talented people, and really help the winners start a career.

Canadian Idol sucks. They didn’t take my sister in, and she’s one of the best singers I’ve ever heard.

EDIT American Idol also sucks, but not as much.

I’ve never watched either show. C Idol because it doesn’t air here and A Idol because it sucks. I don’t care much for reality shows. I only ever watched road rules for one season before reality shows became this big bandwagon.

Yeah, you’re extremely biased. Your sister’s probably a mediocre singer with no real marketable talent. Or she’s a talented singer and she’s as ugly as hell. You have to have the whole package for Canadian or American Idol to accept you. Why do you think that Kalan Porter kid won? He’s the prettiest little person in Canada, he didn’t win because he could sing. He won because he’s girlishily pretty and all teh 12 year old girls who watch the show voted for him.

I stopped watching both after their first seasons but I catch a glimpse every now and then. The American one peddles Coke more than it’s contestants. I haven’t seen what you mean about Brian Mulroney. I usually just watch them sing and that’s it.

American Idol focuses on singling out the bad performers and ruining their lives on national TV. And the singers on Canadian Idol, in my opinion sound worse than American Idol. It makes sense, considering we have about a tenth of the population.

The judges in both versions are EXACTLY the same. Fat black man, surly guy who fits into t-shirts meant for a six-year old girl and vapid female. Canadian Idol just added a boring, expendable guy.

Isn’t that just what happens all the time in all these shows?
I watched Australian Idol for a season… and it pretty much sucked too… but GAWD they go on about this crap!


i heard that an igloo won canadian idle is this true by the way how much snow do you get in canada i’ll bet a lot

If you have no idea whom I’m talking about, proceed to vent your anger about how and why canadians have to steal good quality american television.

You mean British television, it was originally released there as Pop Idol.

Someone finally gives credit to the UK, for starting this bandwagon.

I occassionally watch these types of things, if my parents are. But I’d only stay to watch the whole thing, if it is the opening rounds or the final rounds. Since in the opening round it is fun to see how bad some people really are, especially when they think they are good. And the final rounds are good, because they usually have some people with talent left at that stage.

Oh I know it all seemed to have started in britain-every country has its own version but American and Canadian Idol are almost indentical- but not in terms of talent. I’ve yet to hear any Canadian singer impress me…maybe once they get to the top 10, I’ll start naming favorites (as I did in American Idol) but until then…I’m not seeing anything special…

I don’t think this is something your should be proud of.

Anyway, I detest Seacrest as much as the rest of you. I don’t care about the black dude and I like hearing Simon insult the morons that even dare show up in the first rounds without having any recognizable form of talent, but I want to know just what the hell is Paula Abdul doing there? Dude, if she’s the best you can get to judge singers then I’d think about getting new producers.