American cigarettes for $ 14.95 ! Marlboro

:hyperven: American cigarettes for $ 14.95 ! Marlboro
B&H $14.95
Camel $14.95
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L&M $14.95!

Marlboro $14.95
West $13.95

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Read it, gutter trash.

Now this is some bad spam.

Are you shitting me? $15 for a pack of smokes? That would make even the worst addicts quit. You need to rethink your pricing strategy, especially for AMERICAN goods, which tend to be shit.

so where be admins?

but yes, this is bad spam

I think he’s talking about cartons Hades. Cartons, not individual packs.

That’s a good deal, but I’m not 18, so I can’t even buy them anywhere.

Furthermore, this guys been here before.

Wow. Deja Spam.

Mother fucker.