America (the Book)

One of the best political books I’ve read in a long time! It’s made by Jon Stewart, the Daily Show team, and some authors I’ve never heard of. It’s structured in the manner of a text book, and and and it’s great! Damn. I’m not very eloquent in my admiration of books or… uh… anything- so just check out what Jon Stewart says.

EDIT: The most unfortunate thing in the book, however, is the “dress up the Supreme Court” pages. ;; ;; ;_;

DOUBLE EDIT: I found this, too.

the supreme court page is the most sophisticated joke in the book.

Hah. I’ve watched the Daily Show (And only that… I don’t really watch much TV) everynight right before I go to bed for the last… er… ever. O.o;; I will one day marry Jon Stewart.

It’s funny and informative…a rare lot these days. One of my favorites is the Worst President article by Stephen Colbert. I never knew Harding was hated so much.