America Online Instant Messenger

Does anybody have it?

My sn is ‘Charlemagne EPL’

I do, but I don’t log on as much as I used to.

man you used to message me constantly. glad I dont use it anymore.

Yeah same here. You’d message me once or twice a day asking who I was

I’d tell you almost every day.

Well sorc, if you had talked to me for a few minutes. I would have realized how boring you are. And you would not have heard from me for a few hours. >: (

RAMZA: Who the fuck ARE you?

You played D&D with me and my friends on AIM once. You hit on all the female characters (all played by males- including Mazrim Taim). Then you showed us shemale Shehulk pictures. I had a lot of fun, but the DM was pissed. It turns out the DM was a dick. But this was back when you were funny.

It’s “TrkJac”…
I don’t frequent it though as I prefer texting/email for communication.

It’s not that I’m not funny. I am funny. But the mods around here are way too into making an example of me. Do you know how many times I’ve been banned? I’m doing you all a favour by NOT getting banned. Who knows what might happen to you guys if I weren’t around to bestow my wisdom.

Same here on MSN.

“Hey Charle.”
“Who is this?”
“Its Crotanks.”
“From RPGC?”

All the time lol.

Remember when I almost made you laugh and spit your drink out when what’s-her-name tried to kill herself? Man…I really wish you had done that.

I do remember that. It was one of my fondest memories of that party. also “Have fun at the NEEEEERRRRDDDD store?”

lol ye

You weren’t invited. We were talking about the “No Ramza’s Allowed” party. Loser.

Buzz Killington can’t touch me

Darn 'mericans. You and your online instant messengers.

I sent Charlemagne an IM, but he didn’t respond. I think he’s racist towards my race of me alone.

That’s because your race sucks.