America needs a president who believes in America.

This is your man, America.

America needs to stop pretending its culture is sustainable and collapse into one that is so we’re not all dead in fifty years. This guy is amusing, but won’t help.

How can we vote for a man whose untrustworthiness is obvious? HE IS NOT REALLY NAKED!!

Heh, in Canada I think there’s a law that states you can’t run for PM if your income is under $200k or something. How’s that for corruption?

I’m pretty sure you just made that up

Nope. It’s there somewhere. It doesn’t state exactly that, but it means that in effect.

Sure it is, rummy

You don’t even technically run for Prime Minister of Canada. The person is technically appointed by the Governor General on behalf of the Crown. Conventions generally give that spot to the leader of the party with the most Members of Parliament (or the leader of a party that forms a coalition government or whatever you crazy Canadians do). From what I recall, the PM doesn’t even have to be an MP himself; however, understandings typically make sure he is.

He sure is hilarious! He’s not one of those candidates that actually intends to become president… he’s just doing it for the spotlight, and to provide all those people who don’t give a stuff about politics a person to vote for! xD

I wonder if that would become a problem.

Hah, remember when the Governor of California got impeached and a last-minute election for his successor took place? This being Hollywood-land, many people competed just for the publicity: I recall Gary Coleman, a Porn Actress and even- AH-NOLD!! Who actually won!!! (to be fair he had actual political leanings and wasn’t doing it to revive his career.)

Yeah, that was also pretty funny! But to be honest, he Arnold has done a pretty good job so far (because I haven’t heard any negative comments about his work back here!) All in all, he’s probably a better politician than our current opposition leader! LOL!:hahaha;

Little old, but while Hades was wrong on this point, I now know what he was talking about. To be a Senator in Canada, you must own at least $4000 worth of real property above debts and liabilities in the province or territory from which you are appointed (as well as $4000 total above debts and liabilities of all real and personal property). That figure gets adjusted for inflation which is now somewhere around $175k to $200k depending on how you calculate it. British North America Act o 1867 (or Constitution Act of 1867 for you Canadians) sections 23(3) and 23(4). The adjustment for inflation technically isn’t in there, but I guess you Canadians have decided to adjust.

I think y’all added that to make sure the wealthy elite actually maintained a voice in Parliament. $200k in real property isn’t exactly wealthy any more, but that was the intent originally.

I think Eden should run for president, even if he’s going to infect the capital’s water supply with FEV. I mean, the guy plays all kinds of nice songs on the radio. Vote for Enclave. Vote for your president, John Henry Eden.

Arnold’s done a pretty awful job. California has the highest individual state deficit in the country, something like $20 billion dollars.

And 984, that law sounds more like it’s trying to restrict out of towners for running for senate. Remember when Hilary Clinton ran for Senate in New York state? She had to buy a house first and live there for a while before she could be elected to office. By setting a minimum on the value of property you own, I think it says as much about whether you’re really live there or not. Like, if I have a summer home in the hamptons, can I run for office in Connecticut even though I live in Georgia? (are the hamptons even in in Connecticut?)

I just can’t wait to not vote for Sarah Palin.

I just saw “America needs a president who . . . Sorcerer,” and I assumed this thread was about how we needed a President who was either capable of becoming a or battling a sorcerer. I guess the two pretty much go hand-in-hand, so it could really be either. Totally true, though.

Anyhow, I think part of the law is ensuring that those who run are somewhat local, as Sorc said; $200k in real property isn’t a lot, however, it’s 200k after debts, which is a little different. I’m sure part of it is keeping the rich in power, but I also think part of it is keeping people from just buying a house and immediately running, since they’d need to pay off the loan, or at least a significant portion of it, to have 200k above the debt of what one owes on one’s home. Then again, just having a residency requirement would make more sense, so keeping the wealthy elite in parliament seems like a pretty big part of it, too.

It was $4000 in 1867 money. Despite inflation making it only $200k in today’s dollars, I’m willing to bet that $4000 was worth relatively a lot, lot more back then.

Oh, definitely, I’m by no means saying it isn’t largely about ensuring that the rich stay in power, I’m just saying that it has a lot to do with locality and/or class, too, since it requires some degree of established wealth in the territory from which one is appointed, specifically in the requirement that the property be based in that territory and the inclusion of debt, which helps differentiate those born into wealth (or at least already established as wealthy) from those in the process of earning it; even a “rich” business owner would be less likely to have $4000 above his debts in the territory than someone who was born sitting on land worth that much or more, without having to invest any capital to get it.

Doesn’t matter who you vote for, they all meet up afterwards and suck each others dicks.

When did Eden get elected to office?