AMD to buy ATI?

Ooh, geek news!

ATI’s gone downhill after the RADEON 9200s =\

my x700 is pretty shitty compared to most nVidia’s at the same or even lower price level. I hate it :frowning:

It doesn’t make a lot of sense for AMD to buy ATI unless Intel was planning something huge that AMD got wind of.

The high tech industry is not my forte, I am more into energy and pharma sectors, but AMD looks like a dog lately from investment point of view.
Mind you, Intel does not look much better. Would be interesting to see how the latest acquisition affects AMD’s financial performance.

Keep in mind that Intel does make graphics cards already, and many new motherboards come with on-board Intel graphics chips. AMD is simply trying to catch up (again).

I’m a fan of AMD, and I’m an off-and-on fan of ATI, but <A HREF=“”>Forbes is not optimistic about the merger</A>.

One should also note that Intel sold a good deal of its less-profitable stuff to ATI. If AMD purchases ATI, Intel will probably take it back.

Is AMD also churning out dual-core processors? That’s the single biggest thing in the past year or two IMO. If I get a new comp, it’s definitely going to be a Pentium D.

If I’m not mistaken, AMD had their dual cores out way before Intel, and the only answer intel had to an AMD dual core was to just ramp up the Ghz to make up for the outdated architecture.
That’ll probably change with Intel’s completely new architecture that will be out soon, though.

The Athlon 64 X2 and Pentium D were released roughly the same time. (Did you mean 64-bit CPUs for average people?) But yes, many are eager for Conroe due to extremely promising preliminary testing.

yeah, I mean the 64-bit. Sorry ^_^;

The intel integrated chips are an insult to computer hardware.

O_o? If you mean Intel Integrated Graphics, how so? They’re just meant to drive one monitor at a basic resolution for basic needs. If you want gaming power, or pure color for photo editting, you buy a real graphics card. For what they’re supposed to do, they do it well and for a low cost.

Yes they are, and the X2 chomps the Pentium D, though they again are chomped by the Core 2 Duo.

And I’d far rather have a 64x2 than an Intel Viiv chip, because the Viiv is apparantly different enough from older processors that it doesn’t work with Pinnacle, which I use from time to time.