Amazing Minecraftery

I’ve seen some pretty amazing things done in Minecraft but reconstructing LttP’s Light World was just too awesome to pass up.

What awesome Minecraftery have you come across?

I wish I had thought of that. Does anybody here play minecraft? Lets talk about our minecrafts.

Somebody has far, far too much time on their hands.

I got bored of it pretty quick :confused:

Is “too much time on their hands” a figure of speech? I hear it all the time, usually attached to “OCD” and I just don’t get it. This kind of thing isn’t very complicated, and think about how much spare time you actually have in the day. I live in a utopia so I don’t know what it’s like for you commonfolk.

Go to one of these services that sends you a mail in ten years’ time and send the link of this thread to yourself. Minecraft is good, but a bit too free form if you can’t devote the time to it.

I’ll be dead, homeless, or very lucky in 10 years. I guess that makes sense.

This is my glass sky castle. It’s a work in progress.

I’m still waiting for someone to do a Minecraft Megaproject without using Minecraft Classic or running it on a server.
If you want those five billion blocks to build a giant castle, start strip mining the world. If a Creeper shows up and you lose a lot of rare blocks, tough luck. There’s more of them out there, get digging.

My only real big project right now is a mine cart system to travel my “fuck you respawn point”-tunnel.
I got tired of dodging mobs whenever I died, so I dug a (several hundred blocks) long tunnel from my respawn point to the place where I built my house. But it looked really boring, so I replaced the walls/floor/ceiling. Later I started building various rooms along it, like a fishing pond and a library. Finally, I got tired of walking through it so I dug a secondary tunnel next to it, and that’s where I’m building a mine cart system for “quick travel”.
The only problem with the mine cart system is that it takes a fuckton of iron to build. I need thousands of pieces of tracks and lots of mine carts. Three carts and several hundred pieces of tracks just to set up the basic travel route. Two more carts and a lot more tracks at each “station”, so I can make the main cart stop for a few seconds there before moving on, so you can get off easily. So far I have three stations and a fourth planned, but I ran out of iron.

I’ve also got two major mineshafts where I go to gather ores/lava/obsidian but my first mineshaft leads to a GIANT cave, which I have already mined so much that I get lost whenever I head to the areas where there are still ores to get.
Right now I’m just using it as a place to put some extra rooms like the Nether Portal and Redstone R&D. (It’s just a very large room where I try out various ways of using redstone, but that doesn’t sound as cool.)
I’ll probably move Redstone R&D to my tunnel. Gods know I have more space than I know what to do with down there anyway.

I loved a minecraft bay full of spanish galleons. Looked like Sid Mayer’s Pirates, only blockier.

This is a GSG quality approved video.

Man, I feel bad now, most of my interests involve constructing houses in the sky.

Sounds like you have your head in the clouds.

problem is that under blizz penalization is very very things, but they use just few notices before or during penalization. so many times its very confusing, cause u dont know why or what system sais is totaly nonsense…

Well I’m glad to see Japan’s got their spam bots back up and running again.