amaroK - Setup Help

Okay, I’ve installed Ubuntu Linux 5.04: The Hoary Hedgehog Release on my computer, and am trying to set up amaroK, a media player. I’ve used the Synaptic Package Manager to locate it, and have downloaded it, but it won’t play MP3 files… I’m pretty sure I’m missing libraries. What would I probably need, if you know? Or where would I be able to download what I do need?
I can’t find anything else of use in the Synaptic Package Manager.


Did you get it through Synaptic? If you did, it should be able to play mp3s out of the box, without having to get codec libraries or anything.

Can you get audio to play through Nautilus, or any other media player?

Also, i use warty, so i dunno whats up in the new version, but have they begun including KDE? Amarok is a KDE application, and afaik, ubuntu ships with absolutely 0 KDE components. Unless you got KDE and built it, Amarok shouldn’t but run in the GNOME enviorment (the base ubuntu wm).

I did get it through Synaptic - but I figured out what I needed to do…
When I got it, I hadn’t set up all of my repositories… hehe… woops.
So in the end I didn’t end up getting all the packages I needed…

It’s working now with a little help from my brother! Yay!