Am I the only one here cool enough to watch star trek?

Did anyone see the season finale of Enterprise? wooo doggy, they all got sent back in time to Naziland, I love star trek, and I love time travel, and I love world war 2 era earth. I wish I could hollow out my tv and live in there, but it wouldnt play star trek on it anymore, so I wouldnt care to live in it, cuz then it would just be a hollow tv.

No offense, but it just wouldn’t be a nerdy forum without Trek.

My high school nickname was “Spock.” There is a reason for that. I haven’t, however had the chance to watch Enterprise since it’s debut, but I have a hardcore Trekkie friend who has them all recorded on tape (yes, he is kinda sad).

I liked Voyager a lot, but the other Star Trek series didn’t appeal to me much.

ok, I’ve watched almost every episode of every star trek series there is, except Enterprise. Enterprise is the only one I won’t watch because it leaves me with the massive taste of suck in my mouth.

I liked DS9 after they stopped being so angsty and started having an actual story. Dominion rocked.

So far I’ve only watched the original series and bits of two or three of the movies.

I saw some film a while back. It was nothing special.

Since I don’t get UPN here, I have to wait 'til Sunday to watch the finale on the Space network.

If it’s not been shown in the UK already, next Monday or the monday after.

If it has I’ll tape it Saturday

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I’ve watched a bit of The Next Generation, and saw First Contact, but that’s all I really know about Star Trek.

Oh, and this.

Does that qualify me as a trekkie?

Self sealing stembolt?

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I loved The Next Generation… one of my very fave shows. I haven’t got a chance to watch Enterprise (or any tv shows for that matter)… but I’ve heard less than stellar things about it, anyway. :\

Enterprise is okay. I like Voyager more.

I’ve watched TNG and TOS and a little bit of DS9.

Me and my dad were hardcore trekkies. He actually wrote a book about the original series. Anyway, yea, I love star trek, but I don’t really watch Enterprise. It’s ok, but there’s a lot of things that don’t add up in the continuim. For example, in the original series, Kirk encounters Romulans and makes visual contact with them for the first time, because he states that when the two races first met, there were no visual screens, all they had was audio.

But, strangely enough, in Enterprise, they have visual contact. Yet they just left Earth for the first time?

Lots of shit like that just screws it up for me. Somebody didn’t pay enough attention when they designed it.

I seen nearlly all the TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY, at least once. Channel 4 are a bit weird they move ENT around so know one knows when it’s on. (Same goes for Angel and Alias, Both have been taken by Five cos they place it after a late night movie before NHL or Baseball)

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I have not really watched enough. My dad is a Trekki…er… Trekker- so I haven’t really gotten into it that much. The movies are pretty sweet, I’ll admit. Especially that one when they’re stuck in the 80s.

Starrrrr Trekkin’ across the universe!

:victoly: :yipee: :kissy: On the Starship Enterprise, under Captain Kirk!

Starrrrr Trekkin’ across the universe!

:victoly: :yipee: :kissy: Only going forward, cuz we can’t find reverse!

:thud: … He’s dead, Jim!

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