Alucard's demonic butt.

Sometimes I do wonder…

Ma, not only was it not funny, it sucked ass. (pun not intended)

My precious IQ points! sobs

What the bloody, bloody bloody hell…?!
That was just moronic.

Fart jokes will never cease to be funny. I mean, what could be funnier than stinky ass gas?

/me super-duper ultra facepalms.

That SUCKED. There’s just no other way to say that.

Well it was amusing to me:yipee: Stupid, but farts always sound funny.

I shake my head and snicker at the same time. I’ve seen worse, just don’t ask me what because I’m not sure.

Grah! My Alucard!! HOW DARE YOU!? And, ahem… I needa get that avvy back… :too bad;

<img src=“”> Saw this a while ago, awesome job on the voices, but the joke is kinda meh.

Well remember people who said it sucked, just remember when I posted Link’s Quest For Ass. HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Well, this flash was okay. It didn’t suck, but meh.

Must you remind us of that? That thing SUCKED even more…

I have a few quick comments:

Music: Cool, 8/10
Graphics: Pretty good, 5/10
Story: Good, until he actually attacked, then it sucked, 2/10
Overall: A pathetic 3/10!!

<img src=“”> Uh, everything was directly ripped from SoTN until the attack.

Oh yes. Fart jokes will always be funny. Uhuh. Yep.

I originally thogught Dracula and Alucard were going to have like a booty-shaking contest.

Although that’s one idea that never needs to see the light of day.

No, NO, and HELL NO!

Eh… that was utter suck