Alpha Masks and shit

Okay … I’m trying to make an image of a glass ball in some Photoshop effects. I am trying to figure out how to alter it – both in Photoshop Elements and in GIMP – so that, rather than being a spiffy-looking but completely opaque ball, i.e. the color gradient goes from “white/fully opaque” to “white/fully opaque”, into a sort of … I 'unno how to put it exactly, white “alpha layer” that goes from “white/fully opaque” to “white/fully transparent”. Anyone got any clue how to do this? And if this is even the right forum (or indeed even the right question)?

It’s been a while since I’ve used Photoshop, but bear with me. I actually pulled out my old textbook to looking up gradient filling. The “Gradient Fill” tool is below the “Paintbrush”. I’m sure if you can “paint” a gradient onto a ball, so you’ll have to play with some of the options. Anyway, that tool will let you go from one color to another.

Actually, I figured out how to do it with the GIMP. Look at my DeviantArt page.

Very nice Yar! I wish I has the time and talent to get to know Photoshop better, but I’ve never been a creative artist person.

Yeah … now, if I had Poser or something that I could use to get proportions remotely resembling the correct ones, and I had the shading skills of a stunned parakeet with respect to more organic shapes, I could draw humans, too! :wink: