Aloe Vera

<a href=“”>IT’S A GUNDAM</a>
It’s been posted before, but it deserves a repost for just how damn good it is.

Blah blah, foul language, blah.

20 minutes of insane hysterical laughter later Oh god that was funny. I wonder why I never crossed it before on newgorunds?


I love this thing. It’s still effing hilarious.

It is? It gets points only because Lunaris is in it.

Good. Someone got it. (I know this was why it was posted last time, actually.)

…oh the spaz.I rather thought this was kinda stupid.But it deserves points because it can blow stuff up by shouting “IT’S A GUNDAM!” [STRIKE]message explodes[/STRIKE]

I thought this was about the actual skin wonder tonic Aloe Vera.

I thought it was about the herb.